Rosario Dawson: Women Need Other Women In Their Lives

Rosario Dawson

Women need other women in life. It’s just a known fact. But also, we compete with each other waaaaaay too much so there is a great need for positive role models to use their power and influence to show us healthy and positive attitudes.

Role models that are the most popular are celebrities, of course, but not all of them care about the effect they have on their fans nor do they want to take responsibility for leading them astray (*cough* Miley Cyrus).

But never fear, that’s why we exist, to highlight the good ones out there and bring all of their stories into one big headquarters. The latest on our list is actress Rosario Dawson.

She spoke to Huffpost Live’s Ricky Camilleri about the notion of needing good women in her life and why that is so important.

When asked who her role models were she says her mother and grandmother who were strong women for her growing up. She thinks its important for girls to have the influence of older women in their lives because it can help shape your future and encourage you.

Rosario talks about how in the film industry the notion of getting older is seen as a negative thing for women, yet unavoidable.

“It’s like ‘Oh my god you’re 34, you should be planning your death!’ according to my industry. But I’ve surrounded myself with women such as Eve Ensler and Jane Fonda who have made me excited about every chapter in my life. I think women need that a lot in their lives.” she says with a confident smile in the video below.

As for her advice for being happy? “Happiness is presence. It’s being alive on this awesome water planet with wonderful people!”

Oh and fun fact about this total babe, she is a huge Burning Man fan and 2013 was her 9th experience! Plus she loves video games and confesses to being addicted to Fallout at the moment. Could she be any cooler?

So there you have it ladies: be present in the moment, surround yourself with awesome women and don’t despise growing older. They key to happiness according to the gospel of Rosario Dawson.





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