Rose McGowan Says The Lack Of Female Representation In Film Is Getting Old


One of our all-time favorite feminists, actress and director Rose McGowan, has certainly been stepping up to the plate and taking a huge swing for equality for women in film. She has previously spoken about how her early career (as in the Marilyn Mason dating era) left her feeling powerless in an objectified way.

These days she has taken on more of a directors role in order to create and be responsible for creative content that portrays women in a more powerful way.

At the recent New York Film Critics Circle, where she presented the award for Best First Film to Australian newcomer Jennifer Kent for her film ‘The Babadook’, Rose gave a rousing speech about why it is time the industry stopped seeing gender segregation as a reason to make (or not make) certain films, and focus more on the content.

She accepted the award on behalf of Jennifer Kent as she could not be there on the night. Rose championed the need for more female voices with “infectious passion” in film, and pointed out that both she and Jennifer Kent were part of only 6% of female filmmakers currently working in the industry.

But she did say, instead of focusing on the statistics and getting depressed about it, now is the time to act and create change.

“Let’s give the six percent a shot. Cause that represents 50 percent of the audience, of which I am a member. I am not being served and I am not being heard. I ask you to take up the hand of the female director until we no longer say ‘female director.’ It is a unisex term,” she said.

“I am a director. Jennifer Kent is a director. Let’s do smart, let’s bring it. She did. I think she’s thrown down the gauntlet. When they say, ‘Oh, the box office is down,’ it’s perhaps because we don’t need more fucking superhero movies! It’s time. It’s getting a little old and Jennifer is a wonderful, dedicated director and I can’t wait to see what she does next.”

If the box office numbers are anything to go by, all anyone has to do is look at the immense success of female-led, female-directed and female-created films such as The Hunger Games, Frozen, Maleficent, Lucy, Divergent, and much more.

Just to further exemplify why female characters and female-driven stories are successful, ‘Frozen’ has become the 5th highest grossing film of ALL TIME (that’s not just animated films, btw) pulling in over $1 billion globally at the box office.

It’s no longer good enough for film studios to make excuses, because now thanks to platforms such as kickstarter, filmmakers aren’t waiting for that big break for their films to be made. It is the consumer and the filmmaker which is slowly turning the industry into a medium that is led by content, not just business-decisions, because at the end of the day women make up 50% of audiences, and it is the audience that should be dictating the kind of entertainment we want to see.

Here’s to that 6% of women speaking up in order to increase and change the ratio for other female filmmakers. Go Rose!


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