Salma Hayek Releases Docu About Inspirational Pakistani Woman


You’ve probably already heard about the Gucci Chime for Change initiative, started by actress Salma Hayek, Beyonce, and Gucci director Frida Giannini. It is all about raising awareness, voices and funds to help girls in developing countries around the world get educated. They are focused on female empowerment in a big way and have engaged girls from western countries to get involved.

They launched an app competition in 2013, but more notably held a huge concert in London which saw performers like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Beyonce performing in the name of equality for women. The cause is one very near and dear to Salma Hayek’s heart, who represented the organization and launched a documentary at the Women’s Global Forum meeting in France recently.

The conference was filled with leaders in the business, science, education, non-profit and celebrity world come together to find ways to strengthen women’s influence around the globe.

Her documentary is called ‘Humaira: The Game Changer’ and follows the story of a 25 year old Pakistani woman by the name of Humaira Bachal. Humaira is on a mission to create a “Dream model street school” in Karachi, Pakistan, where the literacy rate amongst girls is a low 15%.


Humaira herself was present at the Sound of Change concert last year and was introduced by Madonna to the crowd.

“The Dream School has changed the lives of hundreds of children. Every girl deserves to go to school, regardless of where she was born,” said Madonna. “Humaira is a freedom fighter. She is a hero for these girls and an example for all of us.”

Indeed she reminds us of yet another education activist also from Pakistan, none other than Malala, who just became the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

Thanks to all the donations given through Chime for Change, Humaira was able to see her dream school built in summer 2014, which is seen in the film. The documentary is a follow-up to ‘Humaira: The Dream Catcher’ documentary which premiered at the Sound of Change concert in London in 2013.

Salma Hayek said at the forum that she has a burning desire to see the empowerment of all women around the globe, and it’s not hard to see that she is putting her money where her mouth is with Chime for Change and speaking up for those who can’t.

Take a look at the video below and get familiar with organizations like Chime for Change who are specifically geared to ending poverty for the next generation of girls in developing countries by allowed them access to an education. According to the United Nations, for every additional year a girl is educated, the more likely she is to have a financially stable future.

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