Sandra Bullock Basically Says ‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat’ About Media Attacks On Women


Ok she didn’t say this exactly, but she might as well have! In fact, award-winning actress and every woman’s secret celeb BFF crush Sandra Bullock said some things we have all been thinking for a while, but sometimes it just takes someone with a little more star power and an elevated platform for the message to spread further.

In an interview with E! news to promote her being appointed as People magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’ issue cover girl, as well as her role in the ‘Minions’.

She took it as an opportunity to talk about the state of beauty in general, and how the media treats women when it comes to discussing the subject.

“I feel like it’s become open hunting season in how women are attacked and it’s not because of who we are as people, it’s because of how we look or our age,”she said in a bold statement.

Now that she has a son, she sees a new perspective on the types of messages the youth are bombarded with from a young age that she felt the need to say something.

“I’m shocked—and maybe I was just naïve, but I’m embarrassed by it. My son is getting ready to grow up in this world and I’m trying to raise a good man who values and appreciates women, and here we have this attack on women in the media that I don’t see a stop happening,” she said.


The fact that she wants to raise her son to be appreciative of women is awesome! Being a woman herself, she knows all too well the pressures put on women to look a certain way. She says this has led to an epidemic of online bullying that just fuels the media’s obsession with making women feel bad about themselves.

“Little girls are having the hardest time with bullying and the internet—somebody with a very large hand and big voice needs to put a stop to it. We need to stop. We are harming girls and women in a way, at a speed that it’s scaring me. It’s really scaring me, so I would love for someone to help put a stop to this,” she said emphatically.

While the media might want to do everything in its power to make sure women are DISempowered, Sandy says she sees a growing trend of women in the biz supporting each other more. You know, girl power in action, not just theory.


“You’d be surprised at the love that you have in our crazy industry,” Bullock said. “The women have bonded together and have sort of become this tribe of trying to take care of each other and be there for each other in a way, because the minute you step out it’s an onslaught,” she revealed.

And while she is honored to be on the cover of People magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’ issue, she says she hopes to use the opportunity to shine the spotlight on more amazing women.

“If I can talk about the amazing women who I find beautiful, which are these women who rise above and take care of business and do wonderful things, and take care of each other, then I’m more than honored to be on the cover of this.”

Sandy B, we bow down! Keep using that voice of yours to empower other women and speak on the importance of us doing the same with the women and girls in our lives!

Watch the video below:



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