Sarah Silverman Says Female Comedians Rule Over Men!


If you know anything about Sarah Silverman, it’s that she is unashamedly outspoken, crude at times, and holds no bars when it comes to her particular brand of comedy. Oh, and she shows no signs of slowing down, and is part of a pretty successful crown in Hollywood. That crowd is in fact made up of ridiculously funny, witty, awesome and damn successful women who can hold their own.

She just released a new HBO stand-up special called We Are Miracles, amongst all the other projects she is juggling at the same time (The Sarah Silverman Program, Take This Waltz, Wreck-It Ralph, her YouTube channel, and the memoir The Bedwetter, to name a few) and chatted with Vulture about females in comedy.

When asked about her reaction to the jokes about her age being made by fellow comedians on the James Franco Roast, the 42 year old said its a little shocking, especially since she was not the oldest one on that show, and that a lot of new comedians on the scene are a lot older than her and they are only starting out.

“I just feel like there is a conceit that’s maybe not spoken out loud, that is, as soon as a woman is old enough to have opinions and be strong, she’s often encouraged to crawl under a rock and be ashamed of herself and that’s just bananas. That’s some fucked-up shit. Then it was cool to be forced to think through that. I think that was a gift for me.”

Then of course the inevitable question followed asking her what it’s like to be a “female comedian” and whether it is a cliche she would rather do away with. The answer she gave was purely intelligent, and while she says she doesn’t altogether love the question, she did acknowledge it is a great opportunity for women like herself give thoughtful statements.

“What I say to that, and I don’t mean this to shame you, because I think the question being asked lets this come to light, but to me the last relic of the whole “women in comedy” issue is that interview question. That’s like the last thing left of it. I mean, women run comedy.” says Silverman.


“I mean, it’s Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Chelsea Handler. Women run comedy. Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Women have had to be undeniable in order to come to light, and they have, so there’s a real force now. It’s an undeniable force. Is anyone better at hosting awards shows than Amy and Tina? I mean, it’s nothing. All that’s left is that question that is always, always, always asked. I’m glad you asked, because then I get to say that.”

Even though we are a long way off from seeing gender equality in film both in front and behind the scenes, its good to know comedians like Sarah Silverman acknowledge the massive leaps and bounds they are taking, breaking down many barriers along the way for more and more women.

Clearly this is starting to be noticed by Hollywood, just look at the example of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler being asked to host the Golden Globes again, not just in 2014 but also in 2015! Their inaugural turn at hosting the awards show in 2013 gave the event close to 20 million viewers, which was a 6 year high in ratings for the telecast.

Looks like those Beyonce lyrics are becoming more and more appropriate with every passing day! “Who run the (comedy) world?! Girls!”

Keep up the laughs ladies, and keep inspiring the next generation of female comedians to be unashamedly themselves and continue leading the way in Hollywood.



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