Sarah Silverman Has A Solution To Fix The “Vagina Tax” (Aka, Wage Gap)


Warning, the video below might offend some non-wage-gap believers, conservatives and it is definitely NSFW. But it is important in the workplace actually, because that’s what the video is all about: work.

According to statistics from the US Department of Labor, the average working woman in American makes 77c to every $1 that a man makes. Despite President Obama signing the Lily Ledbetter bill as his first act as a sitting US President, and making a public stand against the biases that exist in the workplace, the Paycheck Fairness Act has been voted on three times in the US Senate, and voted down each time, falling short of the required 60 votes it needs by Senate members to pass.

There are many (men and women) who say we don’t need a law about this, it doesn’t exist and women just need to prove themselves as hard as men in the workplace to earn the same level of wage. There are others who go as far as saying the decisions women make, such as having a baby and taking time off, are reasons they aren’t paid as much and in some instances won’t even get hired.


It’s really ironic that America is referred to as the “super power” of the world right now, when we are one of last countries in the developed world to have some sort of maternity package for men and women in the workforce. Perhaps ironic wasn’t the right word, we meant to say: pathetic.

So if the government ain’t gonna help us out and votes don’t seem to do much in this great democratic nation, what are we left to do? Turn to famous comedians of course! John Oliver recently played his part in explaining what’s inherently wrong with the wage gap, and now it is Sarah Silverman’s turn to campaign against this ridiculousness.

The outspoken liberal is fronting a crowd-funding campaign for the National Women’s Law Center called ‘The Equal Payback Project’. In the video below, Sarah helpfully states that a single working woman in America loses out on over $400,000 a year in wages that go to men. And with nearly 69 million women in the workforce, that equals close to $30 trillion USD.

Sarah calls this a “vagina tax”.


So what are they trying to raise money for? Well not to pay back all 69 million and more of the women who have so far lost out on those wages, coz that’d be insane! Instead they are raising money for the National Women’s law Center who are a non-profit working toward equal pay through education, legislation and advocacy.

“Your donations give NWLC the support it needs to end the insanity. From getting the Paycheck Fairness Act back on the Senate floor, to keeping pregnant women from being forced off the job, to putting an end to ridiculous scheduling practices,” says the campaign website.


So far they have raised nearly $150,000 the equivalent of paying back one working woman’s loss over a 12 year period. They state on the website they are aiming to raise the $30 trillion, but hey whatever they raise we have no doubt it will go a long way to changing legislation that will benefit women far and wide.

C’mon people! It’s 20-freaking-14! How are there people actively voting against women being afforded the same wage protection as men? This workforce could not survive if it weren’t for women!

Watch the hilarious, controversial video below which shows Sarah opting for a gender-reassignment surgery in order to not fall prey to the “vagina tax” anymore. Coz apparently just having a penis solves all of women’s woes.

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