This School Is Teaching Girls To Be Prodigious, Not A Disney Princess.


If only more schools worldwide had the same idea!

So there’s this rad girls school in Kentucky, USA called Mercy Academy whose mission they say is to empower their female students, and prepare them for the real life. They have just started enrollment for the new 2013-2014 school year and decided to do something a little different to the usual community mail-outs or whatever they do.

They came up with a genius campaign called ‘You are not a Princess’ which aims to show girls that preparing for the real world means putting your energy into real skills and careers, not fantasies like becoming a Disney Princess.

We all know the fascination and obsession young kids have with Disney Princesses which is OK to a certain extent, but perhaps there are parents who don’t like the one-dimensional image it gives to young minds.

After all, encouraging women to be independent, skilled, strong women and not just wait for a “prince charming” to sweep them off their feet to provide the “fairytale life” they’ve always wanted is not a bad thing. The other cool thing about this obviously feminist campaign, is that this school is Catholic and they have Catholicism as part of their curriculum. If that’s not a display of progression and placing importance on the lives of young girls regardless of finding a man, then we don’t know what is!

With slogans such as “Don’t wait for a Prince, be able to rescue yourself”, and “You are not a princess, but you can still rule the world” we hope this will go a long way into showing the young women who will attend this school what being a woman in the real world is all about.



Here is the mission statement about the campaign:

“At Mercy Academy, we train girls in the art of critical thinking, through a performance task-based curriculum. This unique approach to education teaches application of knowledge through real-life situations. When women graduate from Mercy Academy, they’re better equipped to overcome any obstacles the world sends their way.”

“Mirror mirror on the wall, be more than just the fairest of them all.” Yes! Because girls need to know succeeding in the real world is not about how you look or exploiting that to get what you want.


Earlier this year, UK artist David Trumble put together a collection of princess-like animated characters of real life heroes that girls could aspire to, such as Malala, Hilary Clinton, Rosa Parks, Gloria Steinem etc. His idea is that it’s not healthy or realistic for girls to look up to fake animated characters, and wanted to create something positive for the young girls out there.

Photographer and mom Jaime Moore in May 2013 created a photography project with her five year old daughter Emma. She dressed her up as real life female heroes such as Amelia Earhart, Susan B Anthony, Coco Chanel just to name a few. The idea was to show her daughter what it looks like to be a real life hero, and that the Disney Princess obsession is useless.

We think it’s pretty badass for a Catholic school to be leading tomorrow’s feminists, and also important. Here’s their promo video where they talk about their high standards and values which they instill into their students. If more schools placed importance on teaching girls their value based not on their looks, but how equipped they are for a career, a lifestyle, a challenge, etc, we would see such a huge different in gender equality in the workplace.


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