Screw The Pink Ribbons.This Lady Is Giving Cancer The Middle Finger!

yael cohen

Yael Cohen from Vancouver, Canada has decided it’s time to say “buh-bye” to those pretty pink ribbons, and give cancer the middle finger instead. When the 26 year old found out her mother had breast cancer in 2009, she felt the initial reaction of shock, anger and sadness. But soon that energy turned into a desire to do something about her mom’s situation.

She decided to forget about buying the usual pink ribbons and other pink merchandize we so often associate with breast cancer especially, and create something with a louder statement. She made a shirt for her mom which said “F$%! Cancer” and it became an instant hit amongst friends and in society.

Word about the t-shirt spread and today, Yael is the creator of a clothing line and a website called ‘Lets F Cancer’ which aims to help cancer victims get educated about the horrible disease.

As for the controversial slogan which may offend some people, Yael says it was what felt natural and appropriate.

“Most people who have gone through the cancer experience have felt that very thing,’ she told the Daily Mail. ‘We all articulate that in different ways. That just felt right for me.”

“It’s a war cry,” she explains. “It’s defeated and defiant,’ she writes on her website. ‘Using these two words together gives cancer the visceral response it deserves.”

While she doesn’t claim to be a scientist or cancer researcher, she as a family member of a cancer patient knew how important education and awareness is. Therefore the website is a crucial part of her whole movement, because the focus is on early detection and how this can prevent 90% of cancers.

“I think we get so obsessed with our bodies when we have cancer that we forget that your heart, soul and mind and relationships are all affected by cancer too,” she says.

F#$% Cancer hopes to give readers a more personal experience on their website, with important scientific information, as well as informative posts about what to expect when going for a biopsy, for instance. All proceeds from the t-shirts, pendants, cufflinks, stickers, go toward maintaining the website and helping many scared people get the help they need outside of a doctors surgery.

This true millenial woman is proving why we are the innovators and game changers in the world today. She created the website for Gen Y saying that they have the power to be informed and educated in ways perhaps our parents and grandparents didn’t, and it’s all thanks to the internet.

It was striking to me how much our generation was left out of this conversation. We have really unique skills. We have the internet at our fingertips. I thought that was really important to harness that power. Our generation really will change the world.”

“We’re the first generation in history that can spread a message around the world with the click of a mouse,” Yael says boldly on their homepage intro video .”We know more than any generation ever has. F@#$ Cancer harnesses that arrogance and galvanizes it into a positive change.

“You go girl! Love this woman for not only speaking out about an issue that is important to her, but using resources that are so dominant in our generation to literally save lives. It’s people like Yael Cohen that is the very reason our website exists. To show all young women out there what a positive, inspiring and empowering REAL role model actually looks like. And the best thing? It has nothing to do with her beauty, but everything to do with her brain and her heart!


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