Selena Gomez Says Her Inspiration Is Fellow Musician Taylor Swift


Yep, the ‘Come and Get It’ singer sat down with Fuse TV for a bit of a girly chat about her upcoming album ‘Stars Dance’.

Selena also talked about one of the biggest female influences and role models in her life and how she helped Selena with her new album. That person is non other than Taylor Swift.

Gomez asked for Taylor’s opinion on a few of her new tracks and says she respects her opinion. Not hard to see, especially given Tay-Tay’s huge success in the industry as a young woman.

Aside from the musical relationship, the two girls are also close friends in real life. On July 22nd, the day of Selena’s 21st birthday, Taylor tweeted:



When asked her thoughts on Taylor’s kind words, Selena tells Elaine Moran from Fuse

“We are the kind of friends that tell each other everything. We’ve gone through so much stuff in both of our lives, so we’ve always been there for each other. She inspires me, I inspire her. We just want the best for both of us.”

It’s nice to see two young successful women supporting each other in an industry that is rife with twitter battles, hate speech and feuds. Women in music have long been known for their competitiveness, just look at Mariah Care and Nicki Minaj on American Idol, and Jennifer Lopez’s longstanding battle with Mariah. Need we mention Madonna and Lady Gaga?

It’s time some of these older women took a leaf out of these mature younger women and encouraged one another. What great role models for all their millions and millions of fans around the world. Girls, let’s support each other, whether you are in competition or not. Becoming a ‘sister’ to your friends is the best way to build solid relationships that will last a lifetime.

Fighting only isolates us. Selena’s new album ‘Stars Dance’ is out now!



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