Seven Easy Skincare Tips for Fresh Glowing Skin

Fresh, glowing, healthy skin is the goal, and if you want to achieve this, you need to nurture and protect your skin. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated but it does have to be intentional, especially as your skin begins to age, you need to pay attention to your diet and your skincare routine. 

If you want fresh, glowing skin, here are seven effective tips to boost the overall appearance of your skin. 

1. Keep it Clean 

Sleeping with your makeup on is a skincare sin. Keep your skin clean by cleansing day and night. Use a gentle facial cleanser and tone afterwards using a non-toxic facial cleanser. If your skin is extra dirty, use an exfoliating sponge or facial scrub at least twice a week to remove excess dirt from your skin. Dull skin often needs extra cleansing to reveal fresher, smoother skin. 

2. Get Plenty of Rest 

Did you know that lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your skin? If you really want to get that fresh glow, sleep more. If you are not getting at least eight hours of restful sleep per night, make a conscious effort to get more beauty sleep. At night, set the mood by having a warm shower or bath, spray your room with lavender room spray, turn out the lights and meditate or journal before you sleep. Camomile tea will also help to calm your nerves before you go to bed. 

3. Hydrate 

Keep your skin hydrated to get that much-coveted dewy, glowy look. Invest in a good quality face spray to keep your skin hydrated and supple. 

4. Moisturize 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Even if you have oily skin, don’t skip this step. Oily skin often needs a water-based moisturizer to prevent excess oil from seeping to the skin surface. When you avoid moisturizer, your skin simply produces more oil to moisturize the skin. Therefore, always moisturize your skin day and night. In the daytime, add a vitamin C serum to protect your skin during the day. At night add a retinol gel or serum to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Add your moisturizer after you apply the serum. 

5. Sun Protection 

Sun protection is key, often premature ageing is caused by sun damage. Therefore, protect your skin by applying a good quality sun protection cream. Remember that sun protection is necessary for all kinds of weather, not just in sunny climates. 

6. Drink Water 

Keep your skin hydrated from within by drinking more water. If you are drinking less than eight to ten large cups of water per day, increase your water intake. If you exercise daily or live in a hot climate, add one cup of water per hour of exercise. 

7. Diet 

Improve your diet by adding more vitamin A-rich foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes and red bell peppers. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and oily fish such as mackerel and salmon. When it comes to skincare, your diet matters so, take care of your skin from the inside out. 

Use all or some of the tips outlined in this article to boost your skin’s health and to improve the overall condition of your skin. Good skin starts with a consistent skincare routine and healthy lifestyle habits. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, improve your sleeping habits and drink plenty of water to help you get one step closer to healthy, fresh and glowing skin. 

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