Shonda Rhimes Brings Female Empowerment To The Big Screen


The TV show creator and writer is well-known for writing strong, fierce female characters in favorites such as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and now Scandal. She is one of the women in Hollywood responsible for giving ethnic women starring roles and making their careers huge. Well it doesn’t look like she is about to stop anytime soon, and thank goodness for that!

Rhimes’ new movie, which has been in talks since before Grey’s Anatomy, will be about female war correspondents, a subject that Rhimes has been interested in writing about since around the time of the Iraq War.

The Shondaland Productions owner started her career in Hollywood penning movies Crossroads and The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement,  and will write the script for the drama about a number of female war correspondents called ‘War Correspondents’.

“Shonda’s unparalleled story sense — especially when it comes to stories about women forging their way in traditionally male professions — made this project irresistible,” said Hannah Minghella, president of production at Columbia Pictures, in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Shonda first explored the idea of a story about female war correspondents for television, but over the years, it’s become a much bigger story and we’re thrilled that she sees a way to do it on the big screen. She has a great take on the material and we  believe this will make a terrific feature film.”

She has managed to find an audience that are receptive to the types of female characters she writes. They represent a whole spectrum of women out there in the world and it’s something that she should be applauded for.

ABC is also developing another TV show with Shonda Rhimes. It’s based on the true story of Wynona Ward, founder of Have Justice Will Travel, a trucker who became a lawyer. The show will be called Lawless, and explores the issue of sexual abuse within families. Ward, who was abused by her father, decides to ditch her trucking career at age 41 after hearing about another sexual abuse victim in her family. She goes back to college and starts a free legal representation service to help the victims of abuse in rural areas.

Shonda’s wide repertoire of characters is evident she wants to explore themes that are important to women and familes, and she is not afraid to dig into taboo issues.

We are excited to see more of Shonda Rhimes’ work, as she continues to write and portray women as the strong, intelligent, caring, adventurous people we are. Hooray for more of these characters on TV and film! We hope Shonda’s success will inspire more and more girls to write characters and not be afraid to be different. If Lena Dunham decided to try and ‘fit in’ where would her career and the huge success of HBO’s ‘Girls’ be now?



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