Shooting Victim Gabrielle Giffords: Don’t Give Up Speaking for What’s Right


Former Arizona Senator Gabrielle Giffords is a survivor and a spokesperson for many people. She was shot in the head at a rally in Tucson, Arizona in 2011, and lived to fight another day and lobby for stricter gun control laws.

She spoke with Marie Claire about her long recovery and why it is more important than ever for the US government to bring in better legislation when it comes to guns and firearms.

Gabrielle is a survivor for a reason and she tells the mag that reason is to use her voice to make sure what happened to her A) doesn’t happen again, and B) doesn’t happen to other people.

Since the shooting, she has changed a lot as a person, but in good ways. She has become more passionate and determined than ever. “I have bad days and good days. My recovery is a long, hard haul. Speech therapy, physical therapy, even yoga. But I know that for all the things I miss — like riding my motorcycle — I am stronger now than I was before. And I’m determined to use my strength to make the world a better place.”

She says she has learned that gun violence affects all types of people, whether liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, old or young. She expresses her disappointment in congress for voting against background checks for gun buyers, and points out that every senator who voted against it, their approval rating went down. For every congressman and woman who voted in favor, theirs went up. Coincidence? Don’t think so…

This is the voice of the people and our leaders should be listening. But whether they do or not, we shouldn’t stop, as citizens of the world and citizens of humanity, using our voices to speak up for what is right and what is wrong.

Giffords has three simple steps we should all take into consideration, whether it is in direct relation to gun laws or other issues that affect our neighborhoods, communities and cities.

“First, don’t buy into the idea that we can only reduce gun violence by trampling on the 2nd amendment. It’s just not true.”

“Second, be a good neighbor and a good citizen. It’s true that many factors contribute to the epidemic of gun violence in this country. If you’re a gun owner, be a responsible gun owner!”

“[Third] most importantly: use your voice and don’t give up! Nobody said this would be easy. We won’t achieve all our goals overnight. For every setback, recruit another friend to join their voice with yours. For every victory, give thanks — loudly and publicly…”

We all experience battles in our lives. Some of us, like Gabrielle Giffords, go through extraordinary pain which can threaten to take us down and shut us up permanently, or give us an even bigger reason to stand up and raise our voice. We can apply her words to our lives in many ways. Our careers, relationships, political views, passions, charities, finances etc.
Choose to be the type of person that will stand for something today, or you will fall for anything.
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  1. I love Gabby!!! She is right that we must stand for what we believe in even in the face of opposition. Wendy Davis was a great example of that this week. Both women bring up important arguments which is that we must have responsible conversations about these very important laws that affect our society. We can’t afford to stand up for something that is so vitally important!!!

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