Sophia Bush Says Women Should Collaborate, Not Compete, With Each Other


We all loved her on ‘One Tree Hill’, and now she is setting our TV screens on fire (pun intended) in ‘Chicago PD’. Sophia Bush may be a successful actress, but it’s not the only thing she cares about.

She made an appearance on the Today show and spoke to Matt Lauer about her passion to help girls be comfortable in their own bodies with the organization ‘I Am That Girl’. If you haven’t yet heard of IATG, they are “a global movement inspiring girls to be, love and express who they are through education content and community.”

“We talk about being beauty full from the inside out,” says Sophia. “I really think that it comes from collaborating with other women rather than competing. When you support each other you elevate your whole community.”

Matt asks Sophia why this movement is important to her, and how does she speak about body image, even though she appears in raunchy outfits on the cover of a magazine like Maxim. What does she say to girls about not being known only for their appearance, when she works in an industry based on just that?

“I spend a lot of time telling women I may be on TV and photographed for magazines, but I don’t think I’m perfect…I’m a woman and it’s a struggle for all of us,” she says. “It took me turning 31 to say I’m going to embrace my body, I’m gonna own it for me and not for anyone else.”

“I’m not some rail-thin 6-foot tall runway model who was born that way, I was born like this, and this is A-OK.”

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Her segment was part of NBC’s #loveYourSelfie: Reclaiming Beauty campaign where they are encouraging men and women to talk about body image, and learn to accept and celebrate the skin they are in.

Seventy-eight percent of teen girls, ages 16-17, have negative thoughts about their appearance, according to the recent TODAY/AOL Body Image Survey. The Today show teamed up a group of teen girls with The Girl Scouts of the USA, Girls Inc., (both are partners with Dove in its self-esteem project, which has reached 13 million people) and REbeL, a grassroots organization started in Kansas in 2008.

The teens worked with filmmakers who were involved in Dove’s ‘Selfie’ short film, to create 15 second videos talking about what “love your selfie” means to them. All of the videos will be featured as part of NBC Universal’s ‘The More You Know‘ campaign. Dove are the main sponsors of the ‘Love Your Selfie’ campaign on the Today show.

We’re so thrilled to see initiatives like this which not only promote body acceptance but encourage communities and groups of women to have conversations about these issues. Staying silent only leaves room for others to tell you how you should look, feel, and act. When in fact we need to take back the power over our bodies and how we feel about ourselves.

We are bombarded by images of “perfection” everywhere we turn, it can be tough to break through the noise. But like Sophia said, standing together, supporting each other and recognizing we all face the same battle is the first step to banishing insecurities about the way we look, and focusing on more important issues in our lives.

Take a look at what the teens had to say about body image, self esteem and why every girl should love their selfies:

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