Sophia Bush Shares Her Thoughts On Hillary Clinton, Feminism & Anti-Abortion Laws


She’s never been one to shy away from declaring herself a feminist, and Sophia Bush is certainly in good company. But given the amount of negativity and misconceptions surrounding the modern version of feminism, women like Sophia still find themselves having to defend their stance and continually remind people of even the core definition.

Yes, the phrase “gender equality” is more easily digestible, but we should also be willing to focus on the many positive aspects of feminism, rather than simply classify it according to a few extreme examples.

In an interview with Huffpost Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani, Sophia incredulously shared her views on feminism, and also took the opportunity to talk about Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the state of reproductive rights in the US today.

There were a number of female empowerment topics discussed during the interview with the ‘Chicago P.D.’ star, starting off with the incredulous and most obvious way women’s stories are silenced throughout our history.

“There are hundreds of museums in the United States and there’s not a Women’s History Museum. That’s something that needs to change,” she said.

When the topic of conversation turned to Sophia being a celebrity who has other interests, such as politics, she often has to battle the stigma of being pigeon-holed as only one type of person.

“When I speak up about issues, sometimes it really motivates people…[but] I still have people saying ‘you’re an actress stay in your lane, you’re not allowed to be political’,” she explained, before adding why she chooses to speak out politically.


“I travel all around the world and see the effects of education access, environmental crises, what’s happening in our political sphere and how it affects the developing world…I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to voice my opinion about those things,” she added.

Part of the problem is that she feels people forget that she is a real person, sometimes coming up to her out of nowhere and photographing and filming her because she is a celebrity.

“As a woman, you’re raised in a world where you understand that, for example, one in 5 women will be sexually assaulted before she leaves college. We are raised to be aware of predatory behavior, and being followed and videotaped feels predatory. But I think it’s indicative largely of what happens to women…we are constantly shaped by what others expect us to be,” she said.

While Sophia doesn’t plan on running for office anytime soon, despite being asked whether her passion for politics and working with organizations such as Pencils for Promise or the Girl Project would lead her in that direction, she does have some very clear views on the current US presidential race, especially on Hillary Clinton possibly becoming the first female Democratic nominee as well as President.

She dislikes the way Hillary Clinton supporters get accused of voting along “gender” lines, especially women (yet magically men ever get that accusation…).

Sophia-bush-tweet Sophia-bush-tweet

“It’s not about the fact that she’s a woman. Is it a cool, historic milestone? Of course, but we’re looking at effectiveness and again they want to marginalize her into being the ‘female’ candidate,” she said.

Sophia didn’t divulge who she was voting for out of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton as she is still undecided, but she did express great concern over the current political climate (alluding to the Donalt Trump antic which dominate mainstream media) and how we are being distracted from discussing the real issues of concern.

She also believes that fighting over abortion is a distraction and a “non-issue” not because it isn’t important, but because it was already decided on over 40 years ago in the Roe v Wade Supreme Court case which legalized abortion in all 50 states. End of discussion!

“It frightens me how divisive things seem to be. I feel like I’m seeing a major regression in politics…this sort of ‘old world’ attitude that I see [emerging] in a way that particularly affects women. I feel like it’s all a ruse. If they can keep us talking about a woman’s place, women’s reproductive rights, all of these ‘hot button issues that make people emotional, they can actually [distract] us and then we’re not having the conversations we need to have,” she explains.

“They’re like ‘oh if we can just make them scream on either side about abortion, they won’t talk about anything else!”


As she explained the feeling of being “played” by our current political and media climate so that we are not empowered to focus on issues like healthcare, the economy and others, Huffpost Live host Caroline agreed, saying how awful it is that on the Republican side in particular, one of the recent debates held in Michigan was marked by conversation about Donald Trump’s penis size, and only one question about the Flint water crisis was asked in the very state where it is happening.

The interview ended with a question from a fan, asking Sophia what feminism meant to her. Her answer was not only brilliant, but made us also wonder how the heck we are still debating over the relevance of feminism today.

“It’s so not complicated. This is another thing, I watch everybody fight over whether it’s appropriate to be a feminist or not. I sit here thinking, well I’m a woman, I would like to be judged on the quality of my work, I would like to be compensated fairly, I would like to have just as much access to healthcare as any man…I don’t know what the big fight is all about,” she said.

“It doesn’t mean I hate men or that I’m going to burn all my bras or throw away my high heels. I don’t want to be judged for wearing them and I don’t want to be judged for wearing motorcycle boots either. There’s so much stuff that gets placed on women, that if we truly had equal opportunity it wouldn’t be in the conversation,” she concluded.

Sophia spoke more about her current philanthropic projects, what makes her the most angry, and how she relates to her character on ‘Chicago P.D’. We encourage you to watch the whole interview and hear how a smart, talented, creative and passionate woman is using her platform to inspire and empower her fans.

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