Sophie Simmons Launches New Line Inspired By Michelle Obama & Hillary Clinton


We already love this babe because she speaks out in the name of healthy, positive body image, but there is more to Sophie Simmons than meets the eye.

Sure you may know her as the daughter of rock legend Gene Simmons from K.I.S.S and from their reality show on A&E ‘Family Jewels’, but it is her solo ventures that have us excited and fan-girling over Sophie.

The model and actress has teamed up with The Style Club to release her very first clothing line for the brand, and this is one capsule collection you want to know about. In a press release about the line, the 20 items she designed have a unique twist on them; not only are they the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe, but each piece was created and inspired by a prominent woman in history, in a bid to inspire fashion lovers toward female empowerment.

The clothing items are also designed to flatter every body type, and to hopefully get women to think about how they too can be women who make a difference in the world with their lives.

“I’m extremely passionate about body image and want to be an advocate and role model to other young women to encourage them to embrace who they are and what makes them unique,” said Sophie Simmons. “My collection is designed to inspire women of different shapes and sizes to take risks when dressing but still feel confident.”


The women who the items in the collection are named after are: Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Sappho, Boudicca, Sheryl Sandberg, Folorunsho, Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai, Eva Peron, Arianna Huffington, Betty Friedan, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Austen, Gwen Stefani, and Emily Dickinson.

The 22 year old told the Daily Mail that she loves the fact that she can design a clothing line to fit her own curvy body, and to help other women feel beautiful also.

“I have never been a ‘skinny’ girl, I’ve always been athletic and curvy and strong.”

“So yeah, the hot pants trend wasn’t a good look for me. And I struggled trying so hard to fit in growing up. I went through a laundry list of things that got me to this point of thinking I’m pretty awesome. No one has to sell me on me, I already like me,” she said, while falls in line with the confidence aspect of her collection.

So far the collection ranges in sizes from small to large, but they are eagerly awaiting feedback from buyers in order to know how they should change and widen the scope of what to offer. Sophie doesn’t just want the clothes to be designed to suit her own body type, as she is a big believer in body diversity.


Which is probably why having the clothing named after successful women in history adds to what she wants buyers to understand.

“We wanted girls to not only feel confident when wearing fun, fearless clothing but to think about the women that came before them blazing the trail for all of us.”

She told Lucky magazine one of the reasons she looked to these kind of women was because she couldn’t find inspiration in the media she saw.

“”It’s gotten to the point where I look through magazines and I don’t even want to look at the ads because I don’t relate to the people who are in them. I think people really respond to their idols being real with them, and I’m not the biggest fan of the Kardashians, but I really thank them for what they’re doing with showing a curvier body image.”

Aside from being a budding new designer, and working on a new EP, Sophie is the founder and owner of Sophie’s Place — a charitable organized based in Vancouver which provides a place of sanctuary and support for vulnerable young people, and she is also working on a writing a book aimed at inspiring young girls.

This girl has got it going on in the best way possible, and we hope her endeavors will encourage other young women that you can be passionate about music, modeling and fashion and still combine that with your desire to inspire those around you.


“The best thing about growing up these days is you don’t have to be one thing anymore,’ she says. ‘I can be as many slashes as I want! I’m all for women doing it all and doing it well.”

The Daily Mail asked Sophie for three pieces advice that she would give to her younger self, and we think these are great nuggets for any 12 year old:

1. “Stop dieting, you’re 12. Go outside and live.”

2. “Tell your High school bully and resident mean girl to f*** off. She doesn’t know you or what you’re capable of, and you’ll rise above. She can watch from the nosebleed seats. But forgive her, she has her own struggles.”

3. “Don’t let any boy, man – or woman for that matter – tell you what you need, want, should do, can do or can’t do. Those are all your decisions to make.”

Now this is one fashionista/model/actress/role model we will endorse and support any day- doin’ it for the girls!

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