Sportscaster Erin Andrews: A Woman Dominating A Man’s World


Erin Andrews is arguably the most famous female sports broadcaster in history. Physically, she is known for her statuesque blonde beauty, but on the field and in a TV studio she is known for her incredible sports knowledge and hard work.

The 36 year old currently hosts ‘Fox College Football’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She knew she wanted to be a sports caster from the age she was 13, and after working Florida after college, she landed a job on ESPN and the rest was history. She recently made the move to Fox, proving she is more than just a pretty face who has no qualms admitting she wears hair extensions and loves lip gloss.

She embraces her femininity as well as her passionate love of sports, and spoke with the Huffington Post about how she got to where she is today.

When she started out reporting for the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team out of college, she was dubbed “sideline barbie” on social networks and blogs. She wasn’t expecting to ever be judged for her appearance, but soon learned that being a woman in the world of sports, it was something to be expected.

“I was on the team charter and I sat right by the head coach John Tortorella, who is like a second dad to me, and I started crying. He looked at me, treated me like one of his players and said, ‘Toughen up. If you don’t have thick skin, get out of this.’ ”

That set in motion a new determination for Erin, who from then on decided to let her work speak for itself and ignore the comments.

She talks about the measure of success and what defines it for her today.

“Success to me is accomplishing what you set out to accomplish. It’s not what other people or the tabloids think is successful. You could have a job totally outside of anything in the spotlight and still be very successful. And unfortunately sometimes Hollywood thinks success is based on how many magazines you can sell and how many Cover Girl ads you have. Success doesn’t have anything to do with that,” she says.

Her goal was always to work at a Super Bowl, which she has now done working at Fox. And the impact her career has made on young female viewers is something she is incredibly proud of, because it means what she is doing is the right thing.

“Two weeks ago I was in Vail with a couple of girlfriends and a little girl came up to me and asked if I would take a photo with her. Her dad came up to me afterwards and said, ‘You just made a 10-year-old’s day. You don’t understand how much she talks about you.’ And I started crying!”


Erin laments the way Hollywood and the media are so interested in her private life. She is currently sating LA Kings hockey player Jarret Stoll. But she enjoys working on DWTS and her role as a host (after previously being a contestant on the show).

“Hollywood is a heck of a lot different from the sports scene. They care about what you’re wearing and they care about who you’re dating.”

While it may not be public knowledge, there are a fair few pioneer women in the world of sports broadcasting the United States, and it has not been easy for them. Erin is a pioneer of a new generation, but she counts the support of other women who went before her as crucial during her early days.

“Lesley Visser, who is a Hall of Fame female broadcaster, offered her advice to me. She said, ‘Your looks and the fact that you’re female can open doors for you, but it’s not going to keep the door open. You have to work hard to stay.’ ”

When she was 13 dreaming of a career in sports, she never even thought it would be difficult to get a “seat at the table”, because of her love of the industry.

“I didn’t see anything as a roadblock. I didn’t know of the roadblocks in sports broadcasting for females. I guess it was just going to class everyday at school that I thought was a roadblock.”

Seriously, this woman kicks ass and has been taking names for years now. While she may never be able to escape the public commentary on her looks, her resume speaks for itself and is a bold statement for all the other 13 year-olds dreaming of a career like hers. Physical beauty, while it can open doors for you, should not be the ticket you are counting on to achieve your goals.

Work hard, stay focused and determined, and don’t ever forget how awesome being a woman is.

“I just feel like without women there would be a lot of lost people. Not to beat our own chest here, but we’re really the reason things get done. We make the world go round. I’m not trying to preach Beyonce, but ‘who run the world? Girls.’ Let’s get serious.”



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