Subhah Agarwal’s Debut Comedy Album Centered Around The Story Of Telling Her Mom She Was No Longer A Virgin

Comedian Subhah Agarwal | Image by Troy Conrad

That title is no joke (excuse the pun)!

Everybody (except Subhah’s mom, obviously) needs to set a calendar reminder for October 7, when Subhah Agarwal’s debut comedy album ‘Dog Show’ will officially be released via Blonde Medicine, available everywhere comedy is streamed and sold.

“The album is centered around the story of me telling my mom I’m not a virgin,” says Subhah Agarwal. “which was a surprise to her and no one else.” In this debut album recorded at New York Comedy Club, she talks about how she used to lead a double life in high school, her very much not conservative adult life, and the time psychics told on her to her mom. 

She subtly and hilariously broaches topics such as beauty standards, dating dirtbags and having to deal with racist neighbors. Subhah’s punchy style pokes fun at her conservative Indian family including her over-protective mother, and high-achieving brother. 

Having listened to a preview of the entire album in one straight binge-session, trust us when we say Subhah is going to be your next comedy obsession, so here is a little more info about her to sink your teeth into:

Subhah Agarwal started doing comedy 15 years ago while finishing high school in the suburbs of Chicago. She has written for “Arsenio! Live” on Netflix, “The Jim Jefferies Show” on Comedy Central, “Plan B” movie on Hulu, and “Comedy Knockout” on TruTv, amongst others. You can also catch her jokes live at stand up comedy clubs across the country. If you don’t want to leave your couch, you can see her late night debut on NBC’s “A Little Late With Lilly Singh.” She also had a supporting lead role in “Plan B,” appeared on “General Hospital,”  season three of HBO’s “Westworld”, TruTv’s sketch comedy “Friends of the People”, and as herself on MTV2, Comedy Central, and Gotham Comedy Live.

In the lead up to the release of ‘Dog Show’, we wanted to get to know her a bit more, hear how the album came together, and of course get more details on how the story of her mom learning she is no longer a virgin went down.

How are you feeling about the release of ‘Dog Show’? 

I’m beyond excited. How weird would it be if I was like “gravely concerned.” But no I am excited. I worked very hard on this hour and I’m hopeful that people are going to really like it.

We love that it is centered around the story of you telling your mom you are no longer a virgin! Has your mom had a chance to listen to the album? And what did she think?

Hahaha no my mom has not listened to the album and I pray to all the gods that she never does. We love each other but she doesn’t love it when I talk about her and she doesn’t like or really understand my comedy so it’s the best when we’re hanging out together and talking about ice cream or some shit.

There was such a depth to your stories about the duality of living in America but with conservative Indian parents. How has comedy become your way of processing a lot of your upbringing? 

First of all, thank you. And comedy is a coping mechanism so I think a lot of comedy naturally arises as a way to process trauma. That’s what I believe, but I never did finish those Better Help sessions with my therapist so who knows.

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Topics like beauty standards and racism also come up throughout your set. How did you decide which issues you wanted to include in the album? Or was it more about the various situations? 

I let that happen organically. I just looked at the subjects I couldn’t stop talking about and then found a way to weave them into the larger story I was trying to tell.

You hilariously talked about the comparison made between you and your brother by your parents. What is this dynamic like today in your family? 

Well there’s no more comparing me and my brother. He’s a PHD engineer who gave them a grandson and I’m doing this. It’s nice. The race is over and now I get to drink gatorade and eat cookies.

You are also a writer for various movies and TV shows. How different has your process been writing for your own comedy album? Do you prefer one over the other? 

Scripted writing is extremely different from joke writing. With stand up you get an instant response. You get to see your joke make an impact in real time. It’s very addictive. With scripted writing, I get to leave the moment and escape into a world I’m creating. I love them both.

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It kinda feels like the #MeToo movement not only exposed a huge problem, but also amplified the need for more diverse voices. But has the comedy world changed much, in your opinion? 

The comedy world has definitely changed. A lot of creeps don’t feel as free to act or say certain things. The environment has gotten better. However, there is, without a doubt, still a lot more work to be done.

Your audience interaction is so fun to watch on your social media! How do you come up with quick jokes in the moment, and is it a lot of pressure to say something funny every time? 

Thank you. Coming up with jokes in the moment just comes from experience. Everyone jokes around with their friends. It’s just a matter of listening, and being comfortable enough to respond. The speed and quality just comes from practice. I don’t really feel that pressure to say something funny immediately because I know I can always pivot to a joke I know works. And if that fails THEN there’s a lot of pressure.

What do you hope listeners will love most about ‘Dog Show’ (especially other folks who grew up with conservative Indian families who can relate to you on a personal level!)? 

If telling my story of being a disappointment and a fuck up can make anyone feel less ashamed or alone, I’d be over the moon. At the very least I hope it makes you laugh.

You can pre-order ‘Dog Show’ by clicking HERE. Follow Subhah Agarwal on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and via her website.

Comedian Subhah Agarwal | Image by Troy Conrad

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