Suck It Boys! Nearly Half Of All Video Gamers Are Girls.


It’s like that old Bob Dylan song “oh the times they are a-changin’…”

While that song was released in 1964, those words are eerily true of the tech and gaming world in 2013. What was traditionally a male dominated empire, is now being shaken up, and in some cases, lead by women!

According to the “2013 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry” report, produced by the Entertainment Software Association, 45% of all game players, and 46% of the most frequent purchasers of games, are female. Adult women make up 31% of the game-playing population.

Female gamers are obviously a diverse group. Millions enjoy the shooters, strategy games and other titles favored by “hardcore” enthusiasts. And some women have pointed to a rise in the number of games with complex themes and more scenarios that call for decision-making, not brute force, as a selling point.

And it doesn’t hurt that many of those same titles have begun to include female protagonists, or at least the ability to create your own.

“Today’s game characters are much more customizable than years ago,” said Lauren Eleazer, 26, from State College, Pennsylvania. “This is part of overall game development, but every female gamer I’ve met appreciates being able to style her character and make it more unique.”

“The gaming industry’s awareness of having to appeal to a wider audience — one that included women — has been reflected with the addition of stronger female characters. The 2013 re-vamped ‘Lara Croft,’ ‘Mass Effect’s female version of Commander Shepard and ‘Uncharted”s Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazer are just a few examples that come to mind.” says Jessica Chobot, a TV and web show host who has appeared on both the IGN and G4 networks.


Despite cultural shifts, talk to many female gamers and you’ll hear stories about a persistent “boy’s club” mentality that sometimes manifests itself in ugly ways.

Female gamers who, once they ventured into gaming circles beyond family and friends, faced mockery, dismissive attitudes and even abuse from their peers.

In one recent story making the rounds in online gaming circles, a girl went into a certain game’s online community, asking about its mechanics.

The first response she got was from a male player, telling her he’d answer if she performed a sex act on him.

Harassment of women in online gaming forums is prevalent enough that there’s even a derogatory term — “white knight” — for male members who step up to defend them — the suggestion being that they’re only doing so to gain favor with the woman involved.

These days if you go to any geek-con that exists, comic con, blizz con etc etc, you will find an increasing number of females there. Almost equal to the amount of men, in fact according to statistics from recent attendance.

Chobot tells CNN that kind of mockery attitude is beginning to fade, but that it “hasn’t quite changed just yet.”

“More and more women can be found in high profile and strong roles within the industry,” she said. “Yet, just recently, the comment was made to me, ‘You’re just a host, right? You don’t really play games.’ ”

The computer and video game industry as a whole had $14.8 billion in sales in 2012, according to the ESA report. Given that women are 46% of that purchasing audience, there is a great incentive for game developers to keep women in mind.

They say they aren’t looking for special treatment, aren’t asking for female-only games and, in many cases, don’t even like to be differentiated as “girl gamers.” Instead, they say, they want to be entertained, to be challenged, to have fun — just like the guys.

So what do you say boys? How about you stop looking at girl gamers as girls, and be glad you have a diverse range of people to play games with that can add something to this industry. We’ll make this easy for you boys: we’re not trying to take away your manhood or question your masculinity by having the ability to play games. We’re not even trying to beat you (unless we have to), we just want to have fun! So how about it, ready to dissolve this boys club once and for all?




  1. And yet how many of them play console or PC and how many is on phones,tablets and facebook? Cause i dont see games like candy crush and what other fad of the week game as real games. Piss off with you and your hypocritical double-standards.

  2. dont you mean lick it

  3. John Lawrence. says:

    Suck it girls: we don’t care and you still can’t hold a candle to us: go back to playing Wii Fit and let the real gamers get back to it, and whilst you’re at it, why not get out the car and let your husband park.

    Oh, and you’re not special for being a girl that games, so stop acting like you’re something special and acting like an eProstitute on Twatch.

  4. KeneticaxXx says:

    Aww common. Do you really think “Suck it Boys” is the best way to start a conversation in which you plead for to us for kindness?

    Listen, these “facts” are complete bullshit. Thats like saying “Nearly half of all females play sports!” and then you find out they’re counting things like Ping Pong, Badminton, and Speed Walking.

    See the REAL fact is… no one gives a damn if youre at level 200 in Candy Crush Saga, or if youre tearing it up in Tetris. No one cares that your Sims has the best job in the whole game. No one.

    When 50% of you play some Call of Duty, Halo, or one of the many popular FPS’s or StarCraft, or some MoBA’s let us guys know.

    Remember that ANYONE who tries to do something and doesnt do it well, WILL attract unwanted attention. And its a fact that most girls play very VERY POORLY at the “Games that Matter”.

    As a guy its always refreshing to see a girl who plays any of these well. But that is a rare twice a year sight indeed. As far as Games that Matter less than 10% of females play these. If you dont think its true, then show some facts. I know because I see it with my own.

    Bottom Line is STOP asking or expecting respect. STFU and Earn it.
    Real Talk.

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