Supermodel Christy Turlington Urges Girls Not To Rush Into Babies & Marriage

Supermodel and mum to two kids Christy Turlington Burns (her husband is filmmaker and actor Ed Burns) is using her influence and experience to advocate plight of adolescent girls either forced into early marriage, or those who, by nature of their culture, think it is the right thing to get married at a very young age and start having babies.

She created Every Mother Counts in 2010, which is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the long term health implications when adolescent girls are forced to marry and have babies before their bodies can physically cope with it.

The org. came about after her documentary called ‘No Woman No Cry’ premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to rave reviews. The doco shows Christy traveling to countries like Tanzania, Bangladesh, Guatemala and around the US (while she was pregnant with her second child!) seeing how young women are treated. She came up with the idea of the film after health complications from her first pregnancy. After receiving stellar care from her US-based physicians, her heart was stirred into thinking about all the women around the world who have no access to such treatment and health facilities.


She realized many young women are dying prematurely because of this issue and wanted to do something about it. So Every Mother Counts is the subsequent follow up to go with the documentary. Speaking recently at the Trust Women conference she outlines why she is passionate about this cause.The conference aims to create and enforce laws that will support women’s rights. To have these women protected by government mandated rules that society must abide by.

It’s so easy for us girls in the western hemisphere to take our upbringing for granted. We get to live the life of luxury, compared to war-torn middle eastern and African countries where there is still much oppression for women.

We get to have normal childhoods, we aren’t forced into marriages, we aren’t forced to have babies under the age of 12, we are allowed progression, liberty and freedom that so many of our gender counterparts may never ever experience, yes even in this day and age. One woman dies every 90 seconds due to maternal complications. That is a scary statistic, and one that Christy is certain can be lessened with the right awareness and legislation in place.

Watch the first 17 minutes of the documentary below which has been shown on the Oprah Winfrey Network in 2011 and continues to spread the word at college campuses, global health conferences.

Go Turly! It is an inspiration to see you using your influence to make a difference in the lives of other women. We hope other girls will follow in your footsteps, and we hope there are hundreds of thousands of girls in the world that will be able to live a happy life thanks to your hard work.




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