Susan Rice Says It’s A Problem When Women Are Victimized For Their Gender

Susan Rice is the United States Ambassador to the United Nations and has been in this position for 4 years. No relation to Condoleeza, (c’mon we were all thinking it) she recently sat down with Buzzfeed to talk about the progress of women around the world and in politics especially.

You will have to click on the above link to read the full interview as it is very interesting to hear a powerful woman’s take on what is happening around the world (Syria and China) and how highly she thinks of Hillary Clinton And Madeleine Albright.

“One of the things I admire most about them is that they have made it a policy, that they not only preach, but practice that they rigorously implement, to champion other women, particularly the next generation. Secretary Clinton, as a matter of policy, has made women a centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy and I think that’s vitally important. Secretary Albright has a very well-known saying that there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women and she’s lived that in very tangible ways and I’ve been very blessed to be a beneficiary of that.”

But what stood out to us was her candor on the the role of women today. She stresses how important it is that women are involved in the choices government make and in being part of government at all levels.

“We think it’s vitally important that women be able to participate fully and actively in the choices that governments make, and therefore they have to be part of government and be elected officials at all levels. They have to be leaders in media and civil society organizations.”

Rice says we as a society have an enormous way to go before women stop being victimized simply for our gender. This is why it is crucial we get out there and be leaders in the media (think Oprah or Dianne Sawyer) and civil society organizations. She also says if we are willing to take up positions of power and leadership in the world, this will help enormously toward the fight against domestic violence and human trafficking.

“We worry enormously and worry about trying to protect women from trafficking and violence, whether in conflict or in domestic contexts. So there’s still an enormous way to go so that women aren’t victimized simply for being women, whether they’re in their own homes or caught up in battle or conflict.”

That is a powerful statement to make and one that really hits home. We are the only ones who can really fight for ourselves, why rely on or wait for others?

She is leading by example, being the second youngest and first African American woman US representative to the UN. She has also been named ‘Woman Of The Year’ by Glamour Magazine for her work and was lauded for her zeal in wanting to enforce a zero-tolerance policy on sexual violence.

We do believe with women like Susan Rice speaking out and urging us to stand up, it is making a difference. Just look at the amazing records women broke in the recent election: 20 female seats in the US Senate (a record number) and more women voted for President Obama than men!

It’s important for women to see other women in all sorts of roles in public life so that we are represented and have role models to look up to and know it is possible.



  1. Thanks @crunched4time for your comment and opinion. We are certainly not letting a woman hide behind her skirt, the purpose of our site is to showcase the work of women and girls out there working hard for their cause. But we welcome all comments, positive and negative!

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