Swaddle Your Baby The Right Way By Following These Tips

The practice of swaddling has been famous over centuries. It is beneficial for various reasons. It can help in calming the baby, putting them to sleep easier and faster and they can sleep longer. One of the most important features it has is the imitation of the environment the baby had become used to in the mother’s womb. It mimics the shape and comfort of the womb and this can ease a baby’s restlessness. The baby has to adapt to the sudden burst of the world’s stimuli and thus, swaddling can help in this process. It can also be really helpful in developing healthy sleeping patterns. However, it has to be done correctly without doing any unnecessary harm to the baby. Here are some useful tips that can help you swaddle your baby in a proper way.

Placing in a Swaddle

Start by laying a blanket, or whatever you choose, on a flat surface, usually a bed. Make the blanket in the shape of a triangle. Then by folding the top corner down, make one straight angle. The baby’s head should be placed at the folded angle, so the baby must be on the back. The baby is positioned in the middle of the swaddling cloth. Once you determine the proper position, the rest of the swaddling gets more simple. 

The Position of a Baby

As mentioned, the baby is in the middle of the blanket. His or her shoulders should be on the same level as the edges of the triangle. Snuggle the baby’s left arm against the body, then put the right corner over it and push it under the body. The baby’s right arm should remain in the same position. The top of the triangle now goes over the legs, especially covering the baby’s feet. Swipe the left side of the blanket over the body and wrap it around the back. This is complete swaddling.

Still, nowadays there are many types of blankets for swaddling available and depending on that, the process of swaddling might vary. To know the correct way to swaddle your baby regardless of the blanket type you use, get acquainted with some in-depth explanations and tips. It is important to profoundly explore the whole idea of swaddling and all possible options since you have different options like keeping arms or just one arm out, and so on. Your aim is to keep your baby happy and comfortable, without harming its development and health. 

Tucking In

Fix the blanket and tuck the baby in. It is extremely important to not make it too tight nor too loose. Only the baby’s head and neck should be outside. The baby should be able to move her down limbs freely within the blanket, otherwise, the inability to do so can cause serious problems. 

In fact, bringing the knees together is improper. Pediatricians say that if you purposefully push the legs down so that their knees and hips are in a straight position, their hips will experience pressure. The ligaments and the soft structures around the hip may allow that hip to slip out of position. This can lead to the development of dysplasia.

The swaddling has to be firm enough but comfortable, and it should make your baby feel as if in your arms. 

Use the Right Materials

To adjust the right temperature for your baby, beware of the materials you use for wrapping as well as for dressing. Use light and breathable materials like cotton or any thin blanket, or a sheet. Make a balance between the wardrobe and the blanket, so as to not make your baby feel too cold or too hot. Appropriate dressing is of big importance because it prevents overheating on one hand, and being too fresh on the other. There are so many swaddling blankets, designed of fine materials that will help you swaddle your baby and make him or her feel unbelievably comfortable and happy. Achieving the proper temperature and doing the swaddling in a proper manner can go a long way in keeping your baby healthy and content.

Know When to Stop

Pediatricians say that once your baby starts rolling over, you should stop swaddling. It is suggested that it should last two months, but some also report it can be even four to five months, it all depends on your baby’s individual development.

When done properly, swaddling makes your child feel warm and secure. It is beneficial but you must be mindful of all the steps and cautions due to possible consequences of incorrect swaddling. 

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