What Tabloid Magazine Covers Would Look Like If They Cared About Real Issues


Imagine if all of the major tabloid magazines covers started promoting real issues, instead of the vapid nonsense we are so used to seeing?

Imagine if they started highlighting the injustices that women suffer all around the world in an effort to raise awareness and spur us to action, instead of forcing us to read about what Kim Kardashian is doing and wearing?

Imagine if every teen girl and young woman were reading about the atrocities of sex trafficking, slavery and child marriage on a weekly basis, and decided they wanted to do something about it?

While this may not be a reality just yet, there is one company aiming to change the conversation by creating a bold campaign aimed at the magazine industry and those who read it.

NGO Catapult is crowd funding platform finds and helps fund international efforts to build women’s equality. They have only been around since October 2012 and already have made a huge impact. Catapult has funded 314 projects in 81 countries, with a total of $5.5 million raised in 2013. It currently has 56 open projects dedicated to women’s rights, and boasts a 94% project success rate.

This year the released a series of images in a campaign called ‘Cover Stories‘ which was part of an International Women’s Day stunt. The 3 fake magazine covers featured young girls and the layout was designed to look like that of a regular women’s lifestyle magazine, but with a spin.


‘Child Bride’ magazine (a spin on ‘Bride’ magazine) aims to bring awareness to the many underage girls who are being forced to marry much older adult men in countries such as Yemen. Yes, this is happening in 2014, and the saddest thing is there are little to no laws allowing for prosecution of family members who force this upon young girls, or the men who are commonly known to beat, rape and often kill their brides.

“This year, 14 million girls – some as young as eight years old – will be married against their will.” says the website next to the above image.

Thankfully, voices are being raised in Yemen, and they could soon see a law which prevents these awful arranged marriages from happening.

Similarly, ‘Good Slavekeeping’ magazine (a spin on ‘Good Housekeeping’) is a shocking way to bring to light the issue of human trafficking, also known as the modern day slavery.

“An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked into slavery each year. 80% are girls.” says the Catapult campaign landing page.

Catapult, which takes no money from the donations made to the projects it supports, was set up to redress the fact that so little money goes to women and girls, despite studies showing how effective such donations would be.

“Investing in equality for girls and women is key to ending global poverty,” they say, which is why they are urging both men and women to actually do something, rather than just read about these important issues.


‘Thirteen’ magazine (a spin off of ‘Seventeen’) shows a young girl from the United States accompanied by some facts and figures which show these issues are global, not just particular to a certain country.

“Only 7% of all U.S. foundation funds go to girls and women. Only 2% of every development dollar goes to adolescent girls. And 1 in 5 girls’ and women’s rights organizations are in danger of closing,” the website says.

“International Women’s Day is a time of year that girls’ and women’s equality gets a little bit of attention,” Maz Kessler, Catapult’s founder and creative director, tells Mashable. “Our partner organizations hold events and media outlets often feature articles about inspiring women or important causes associated with women. That’s great, but we really want people to get fired up and take action to make a difference in the world.”


“Thankfully, these are fake magazines,” Kessler says. “Unfortunately, these are real problems.”

“You may think that we’re poking fun at serious issues, but … Catapult is very serious in our efforts to change the world,” Kessler says.

Next to each image on the website’s campaign is a button that says ‘Do something about it’ and when you click on it, it redirects you to one of the 140 organizations they support where you can donate to their cause.

While International Women’s Day may be over for another year, we don’t need an excuse to donate to or get involved in an important cause that has the potential to affect a young girl’s life forever.

Thank you to the genius team at Catapult who put this campaign together. We hope raising awareness will add to the positive media out there designed to make a difference, not be a detriment.



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