Tapping Into And Living Your Most Authentic Life

Growing up we are influenced by many external factors. We start off emulating our parents/guardians and continue to develop our thoughts, personalities, and behaviors with influences from our favorite celebrities and any other idols we have looked up to. Unfortunately, most of our influences aren’t always authentically true to who we are. It is easy for other people and circumstances to impede our true selves from being discovered, resulting in our purpose never coming to light. The good news is that there are ways to rediscover your destiny, no matter how many unforeseen situations may have discouraged you.

Many people might be confused as to what it means to become your authentic self since most people believe they already are true to themselves. But you’d be surprised to know just how many people have yet to tap into who they really are and thus, have yet to discover true happiness. On that note, here’s a brief guide to learn what authenticity is and how to develop it. 

What is Authenticity?

Our authenticity is our true selves. It’s who we were born to be before our identity was molded by parents, friends, society, religion among other factors. These outside influences begin to chip away our authenticity and leave us more self-conscious as we aim to fit in. The problem is that it is very hard to find deeper meaning in your life, find your purpose, and even happiness when we can’t truly accept ourselves. That is why it is so important to regain your authenticity, otherwise, you’ll always feel like you’re not enough. If you’re unable to be who you were meant to be, you’ll never feel whole; you will always look for outside influences to fill voids and never fully practice self-love. 

Find Your Purpose 

The beauty of being your authentic self means getting to do exactly what you want to do in life. But few people ever get to find out what that is. If you’re lucky, you might have always known what your soul longs for (whether it’s discovering your talents, finding your dream job, etc.) However, even those who do know the path they want to lead, their goals can still become hindered by societal pressures and distractions that turn them onto the wrong path.

Discovering your souls’ urge by examining your numerology chart will provide you with the certainty and clarity of your dreams. When you know what your soul urge number is, you’ll be able to examine it and discover your true authentic self along with the goals you hope to achieve. While proceeding with thorough research on your own can help you discover your number, many people tend to seek out professionals to ensure they’re getting an accurate reading. Having a numerologist teach you how to properly assess your personal numerology readings will help you keep track of your destiny and purpose. 

Observe Your Life, Patterns, and Behavior 

Self-awareness is a key ingredient to developing your authenticity. Focus on circumstances that have occurred during your upbringing and learn about what patterns of behavior you might have developed as a result of your childhood. It’s important to understand the roots of your psychological makeup so that you can determine what is truly your identity and which patterns you will need to break. This includes religious beliefs, political beliefs, and even your parents’ relationship factors in determining your own relationships. The way you communicate to yourself and others reflects on whether or not the communication in your home was effective or harmful.  This observation will allow you to be kinder to yourself once you understand what is in your control and what isn’t. 

When you learn about the influences that have shaped your life, you will become more empathetic and then you’ll have the right mindset to accomplish being the best version of yourself. From observing your life, patterns, and behavior, you will have a better handle on your emotions, and you’ll be motivated to embrace your authenticity without the burdens of your surroundings. 

The path to finding true happiness is to discover who you are. The best thing about being your authentic self is that you will no longer be misguided by insecurity. You will have the power to love and accept yourself and it will work as a superpower as it provides you with the confidence and assurance to achieve your dreams. It will be very hard to get in the way of an authentic person’s purpose as they aren’t affected by the projection of others. Plus, everyone is looking to find that kind of peace of mind, which is why everyone gravitates towards someone who can always be their true authentic self. 

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