Teen Girls Made A Film About Eating Disorders & Won 2 Film Festival Awards


Olivia Maloney and Cameron Dreyer and two 7th grade girls from Colorado who have just done something that is restoring our faith in the next generation of young women. They made a short film about eating disorders among their peers, entered it into a film festival, and won!

The film is called ‘You are Beautiful’ and it is dedicated to creating awareness about the seriousness of eating disorders, and how students can look for the signs to support their peers who are suffering.

The short, which started out as a school project, is clearly resonating with adult women too, as it won Best Student Film at the 2013 Colorful Colorado Film Festival, and then went on to win the middle school category in the My Hero International Film Festival.

That’s no small achievement for a couple of 13 year old girls who decided to make something positive with an important message. The film has over 100,00 views on Youtube and is well on it’s way to doing what they wanted it to do: engage hearts and minds about these diseases. That’s right, an eating disorder is a disease, one which doesn’t have enough common knowledge or education in society.

500 000 American teenagers suffer with an eating disorder, which shows it is not just a fad, but a serious health issue that we need to work to change. The two girls told local reporters it was their first time making a film, and boy did they come out of the gate with a bang!

“We made this film because we love filmmaking, and we wanted to get the message out about eating disorders,” Dreyer said. “It is a very sad problem in society today that shouldn’t even be an issue.”

“We hope teens see our film and are more aware of the dangerous and devastating effects of an eating disorder,” Dreyer said.

There are a lot of blogs and online news sources commenting on the power of this film, more-so because it was made by the very people it is aimed at: teen girls.


The film hit the interwebs in December 2013, and while the 2 awards it won at both film festivals is an incredible achievement, it is the message that is spreading far and wide which makes this something worth watching. The fact that two teen girls can make this short film is good enough reason for us all not to sit around and wait for someone else to speak up about an important issue.

You may have heard about a couple of international models who sadly died from anorexia. It is sickening and frustrating to know this disease is preventable. French model and actress Isabelle Caro was only 28 when she died in 2010, but before she passed away she took part in a photo shoot to bring awareness about the disease. And there there was 21 year old Brazilian girl Ana Carolina Reston who passed away in 2006.

The bravery of singer Ke$ha who not only admitted she struggled with an eating disorder, but taking time out of her career to get healthy is admirable and speaks volumes to millions of girls everywhere. We applaud both Ke$ha, and Olivia and Cameron who by their actions have taken a stand and set an example for so many young women: If you are sick don’t be afraid to get help. If you don’t know enough about eating disorders, get educated and support those around you.

Find all the information you need at the National Eating Disorders Association to start you on the right track, and talk to your local GP about where you can get help.


  1. Congratulations to these girls! They are getting the message out and to make a film and win, well, they have proved that you just have to go for it!! I’m sure they surprised themselves too!! Way to set a positive example ladies.

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