The 1st Female President Chosen To Lead African Nation Out Of Poverty


The Central African Republic is a country in a midst of a civil war. Christians and Muslims are ferociously attacking each other, and they are on the brink of a possibly genocide. The previous President, Michael Djotodia, has been deposed of his reign as the UN and locals in the capital of Bangui have completely lost faith in his abilities.

He came to power by self-appointment after leading a coup in March 2013. For a year the country has been crying out for help, and now it has come in the form of the country’s first ever female President, Catherine Samba-Panza.

The 58 year-old has been chosen as the interim president to lead out of its dire state, and many have faith in her abilities. She beat out seven other opponents in the election. Before her career in politics she was an insurance broker and a lawyer who fought for women’s rights.

Out of the midst of this bloodshed, the people of Central African Republic are confident that this newly elected woman will be the one to undo all the mess that the previous men in charge created.

“The men have done nothing but fight,” said 18-year-old student Judicaelle Mabongo to the New York Times. “The men, they are fighting. But they are only destroying the country. This woman, she might be able to change things.”

“Everything we have been through has been the fault of men,” said Marie-Louise Yakemba, who heads a civil-society organization that brings together people of different faiths. “We think that with a woman, there is at least a ray of hope,” she said.

In the last 6 weeks alone there have been more than 100 deaths as a result from the religion-fueled fighting in this country. In her job as President, one of Catherine’s first tasks will be to eliminate animosity somehow between the fighting factions.

“Our country is at the brink of implosion,” Ms. Samba-Panza acknowledged to the assembly on Monday. “The situation is catastrophic. More than ever, the country needs someone who can bring it together.” She pointed to her “sensibility as a woman” as the crucial ingredient that could lead to peace.


Isn’t it great to know that during a country’s most dire period, it is a woman who has been called upon to shake things up and change it for the better. Perhaps this will inspire more women around the world to get into politics and leadership. We have unique qualities that can benefit a nation greatly, and now is the time to stand up.

More and more women are being called upon for their certain “sensibilities” that men don’t possess, because it seems to be the only way forward, especially in the case of Central African Republic.

In an annual report just published by the Gates Foundation, it clearly states the world’s poverty percentage is down by 50% than in 1990. The average life-span for women in sub-saharan Africa has increased by 16 years since 1960. With more awareness, healthcare, and education women are becoming stronger and leading better lives.

Here’s another fact that will blow your mind SEVEN of the world’s top ten fastest growing economies are in Africa! According to the data, Bill Gates hopes that by the year 2035 there will be almost no poor countries left in the world.

However one of the contingent factors he says, is war and politics, which will be the very factors that hold a country back from getting out of poverty. We hope that Catherine Samba-Panza will be able to implement some key agendas that will take this country out of poverty, and be one of those currently 3rd world countries to be poverty-free by 2035.

“As a woman, she can understand the sufferings of the people, and as a mother, she will not tolerate all of this bloodletting,” said Annette Ouango, a member of a Central African women’s group.

Here’s to a strong African woman stepping up to the leadership role of her lifetime; one that will hopefully make a change in the lives of this nation in a drastic way.

She will remain in power for one year, until the next election in February 2015, from which she, an interim President, is forbidden from entering.




  1. She really has to put on her track shoes if she only has a year to accomplish anything. Sad that she won’t be allowed to continue after the year, even if she wanted to. Maybe there is another strong woman working with her now who can follow through on what Catherine will start.

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