The 3 Best Ways To Make Sure You Keep Your Dog Healthy

Whether you have a luxury dog breed or a mongrel, it is very important to do what it takes to keep them healthy. This is because a dog is part of the family and you wouldn’t neglect a family member’s health needs. Dogs have a complex anatomy and they require special care to make sure that they live long and healthy lives. 

The best approach is to prevent disease and other problems from happening to begin with. If you are proactive in their healthcare routine then they will be easier to take care of in the long run. In this article, we will go over several of the best ways to ensure you always have a healthy pup. 

1. Get pet insurance

All too often, people avoid taking their dog to the vet if there’s a problem. Since it promises to be an expensive visit they hope the problem takes care of itself. This could end up leading to bigger issues later on if something goes unchecked and is allowed to grow. 

If you have health insurance for your pet then many of your vet bills will be reduced. This makes it unlikely that you will ignore problems and will take care of things as soon as it appears that there’s something wrong. Many routine visits will be covered or discounted when you have pet insurance. Emergencies that would normally cost a small fortune are more manageable. 

This means that you can keep your pet healthy for many years to come. 

2. Get them plenty of exercise 

Obesity can happen to a dog much easier than to a person. If your dog is home alone most of the day and isn’t getting out for walks or playing with other dogs then they are going to gain a lot of weight. It is very important to avoid that at all costs. 

Obesity in dogs will lead to diabetes which is life-threatening and painful for a dog. It will also lead to pain in the joints which will make it harder for them to get around and aging will be more difficult. 

Take your dog for frequent walks to keep them active. You should also look for opportunities for them to run around to get their heart rate going. Playing with other friendly dogs usually does the trick. 

3. The right diet

A dog’s diet changes throughout its life in the sense that what it ate as a pup will be different than when they are elderly. You should make sure to give them the exact formula for dog food that their age requires.

The general nutritional needs are going to change so the vitamins and minerals in the food will need to change with it. Look for brands that have special food for each stage of a dog’s life to make sure that their diet is keeping them at their peak of health. You can even use hemp seed oil as pain relief, weight management, and more. Add the things necessary for their age to their food to ensure that it is balanced. 

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