The Best Gear For A Great Photo

Long gone are the days when it was difficult or stressful to travel on your own. On the contrary, traveling solo has become not only convenient and safe, but also a whole lot of fun. But when traveling solo, carrying a lot of gear to capture some awesome photos has become difficult, especially with when competing for space in the rest of your luggage. If you’re looking for the best gear to have for capturing awesome memories on your travels, here they are: 


The best thing about a tripod is that it’s small, packable and can fit into a side pocket of your backpack easily. Choosing a tripod that’s super light-weight and compact like these tripods, will ensure that you get to bring it along without any hassle. A tripod can be easy to set up, help you get the focus you need, without your hands shaking and ruining the photo, and also help you get some shots of yourself that aren’t actually selfies! 

Bring only one additional camera lens 

Before your jaws drop, remember that you’re trying to go lightweight and bringing an additional lens means that you’ll have one lens on your camera, as well. While you might think it will limit the kind of photos you take, or that you’ll feel you needed a specific lens and regret not bringing it along, you’d be surprised at what you can accomplish with just two lenses. After taking a few shots of the same setting, your eyes will adjust and help you manage the settings of your camera to optimize the lens you’ve brought along and ensure you’ve captured a great photo.

It doesn’t matter what kind of lens you bring with you as long as they’re two different ones to give you a wider variety to work with. Let’s say there’s a panoramic view that you wish to take a shot on, you can choose a wide-angle prime to capture the overall scenery without you having to split the photos into more than one. Although, if needed, you could still do that and merge them into one shot on a photo-editing software when you get back. 

Another lens that could be useful is a telephoto zoom lens that will allow you to capture photos from a distance in grave detail. This lens is definitely one you should consider packing with you, especially if you’re going on a wildlife safari or a trip where the subjects you’d like to photograph will be at a distance. 

Leash camera strap

While you’ll be constantly on the move, having a camera strap is essential. And while most cameras come with straps already, there are so many more options that are more durable and more user-friendly. Pick one with a clip on-cliff off system to remove the strap easily when you’re not using it, as well as being adjustable to give you the freedom of not only suitable length, but also adjusting it to be able to take photos while wearing the leash. Don’t worry about space, as the strap is so small and light that it can easily just be stashed away in your pocket. 

SD card 

SD cards are something so small, but so important when you’re traveling, especially if you’re traveling light and don’t have your laptop with you to transfer the photos onto. Having an SD card allows you to have more room to take as many photos as you want. It can be quite a bummer when you’re in a magnificent place with beautiful scenery, wildlife or adventure and you find you’ve run out of space on your camera. To prevent that from happening, always be prepared and have not one, but two SD cards available to you preferably with bigger storage space options. You can keep them stored in your wallet to avoid losing them and always have them with you when they’re needed. 

Spare batteries 

Whatever type of battery your camera uses, make sure you have some extra with you. You never know what could go wrong, but you don’t want to pay the price of forgetting the camera switched on overnight, or spend so much time photographing and looking at the photos that it runs out before the day ends. 

When you’re traveling solo on a photography expedition, you need to make sure you’re traveling light and that your gear isn’t taking up all your space. You don’t want to have to rely on anyone else, or miss out on excellent photos because you don’t have the right gear. Choose your lightweight gear wisely and happy snapping. 

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