The BeyonceBowl Halftime Show Proves She’s Back To Her Bootylicious Best

Sasha Fierce bootylicious-ed her way across everyone in America’s TV screen yesterday for the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show in New Orleans.

Beyonce’s performance was 14 minutes of non-stop, heart-pumping, goosebump-inducing high energy dancing and LIVE singing! Yep, no lip-syncing at this event. She started the set with ‘Love on Top’ and ended it with the more subdued ‘Halo’.

Beyonce Superbowl1

Beyonce superbowl2

But it was around the 7:30 minute mark that made pretty much the world jump out of their comfy couch seats: As the backing dancers parted to the side and the laser lights focused on the downstage area, suddenly, from a spring vault underneath the stage, out popped Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

Destiny's Child Superbowl

The trio that dominated the charts in the late 90s and early 2000s took their fans back to their heyday performing ‘Bootylicious’ and ‘Independent Woman’. But that wasn’t enough for SuperBey. She asked the girls to help her out with ‘Single Ladies’ and it was super cool to see them back together performing.

Beyonce sure has cemented herself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her performance shows what a stellar dancer she is and as a working mom and wife, she is just out of this world! Her talent is incredible and so entertaining to watch!

Reading some of the comments on youtube, this was by far the best and probably the most accurate: “Beyonce killed it and by “it” I mean mine and every other girls self esteem.”

It was certainly a show dominated by strong talented dynamic female performers. Jennifer Hudson teamed up with a children’s choir from Sandy Hook Elementary school to sing ‘America The Beautiful’ before the start of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Alicia Keys performed the national anthem while playing the piano.

Jennifer Hudson Sandy Hook choir

Alicia Keys Superbowl

What did you think of the Super Bowl Half time show this year? We loved that it was a celebration of incredibly talented female performers, which didn’t have to be crass like Madonna and M.I.A last year throwing up their middle finger on national TV during their half time show…

Watch Beyonce’s full performance right here and let us know your thoughts below!




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