The Importance Of Practicing Self-Care And Staying Healthy At Work

If you’ve been following the viral news stories about workplace harassment over the past few years, you will know this is an issue that isn’t just relegated to one particular industry. Whether it’s women being subjected to intense sexism in the tech world, or women in the entertainment industry having to collectively speak out against predatory behavior from high-profile and powerful men who have used sexual harassment and intimidation to potentially end careers, these toxic environments are everywhere.

It is important we see more and more silenced voices speaking out on behalf of many, in order to change negative work cultures. While there are situations where leaving the job is appropriate to stay sane, there are those who stay and prefer to make change from within. If you are currently in a stressful work environment, self-care is a must to help you get through the day and stay healthy physically and mentally. We know that society has only uncovered the tip of the iceberg in terms of reporting abusive and toxic work environments, so we want to share some simple but necessary tips to keep you healthy at work.

1.Drink water

Yes, it sounds obvious, but it is often gets neglected when you are busy. Staying hydrated enables you to better concentrate throughout the day and plenty of H20 can keep illness at bay. Drinking water provides the hydration our body needs that improves short term memory, focus, and increases mental alertness. So when you make your regular trip to the office water cooler to catch up with your colleagues on the latest news and gossip, take the opportunity to fill your cup literally and figuratively.

2. Maintain Positive Working Relationships

A productive and thriving work environment means great working relationships. There is nothing more stressful than waking up and dreading your work day due to your colleagues. By cultivating positive relationships, you can form a support network in the event a job culture does become toxic. Positive relationships with work peers can also mean lasting friendships outside of the work environment, and these have the potential to become a networking or mentorship source beyond your current place of employment.

3. Take A Break

The saying “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses” can absolutely be translated in a professional situation. Too often, in a stressful workplace, taking breaks can become impossible or leave people feeling guilty if they are away from their desk while others are not. This is not healthy. Regular breaks to stretch the legs, eat some food and take in some fresh air outside can help with productivity, and improve mental health.

4. Meditate

It sounds like an impossible task, but it can actually be incorporated quite easily into a work routine. Websites like Desk Yogi, which are designed to help you stretch, strengthen and stay healthy while at work have some great tips to meditate even at your desk. It can be as simple as some breathing exercises to help you re-center your focus throughout your day. Remembering to breathe may seem obvious, but it is a conscious and active task that has the ability to keep you calm, sane and strong.

5. Know Your Worth

Self-care isn’t just a physical act, it is also mental and emotional. There are numerous studies showing how women are more likely to under-sell their abilities and negotiate lower salaries for fear of being seen as an “imposter” or not good enough. Knowing your worth means you can communicate from a place of power with colleagues and bosses, you have the confidence to leverage that power throughout your career, and you don’t have to apologize for being ambitious. When you harness the power of your inherent self-worth, your work day becomes less stressful and can be a place where you thrive.

This list is simply a starter to keep you on track and stay healthy at work. Self-care is even more important in light of recent news and events. Think of it as your own mini #resistance work against negativity and toxicity, so that you can be at your best every day and look forward to what your week of work will hold.

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