The Ins & Outs of Buying Instagram Followers

Women often need to know other women feel their pain or are willing to talk about it, admit to their own pain in the same area you’re dealing with, and be willing to discuss what they did to overcome it or how they learned to cope with it. In person, on the phone, or online women need to talk about it.

Talking about issues in person or on the phone pretty much takes care of itself. You sit down with a box of Kleenex, a cup of your favorite beverage, start in. Three hours later a big weight has been lifted off your chest, the Kleenex is in a big wadded pile on the table, and your cup has run dry – unless you filled it with tears. But online? That’s what they call a horse of a different color.

How do you get other women to answer your call for catharsis online, on a blog, or social media account? You can post a heartfelt cry on Instagram but unless someone answers you’re left with the old question of, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make any sound?”

Instagram Cul-De-Sac

Whether you’re sharing your pain or your politics, your passion or poignancy if no one hears you, why bother? It can feel like you’ve driven into an online cul-de-sac with no way out.

How do you get people interested in your cause if no one is interested enough to follow you? Like it or not, the herd mentality is very real, meaning no one wants to be the first to follow a new post, a new page, or new account. They’ll follow others that have gone there, but leading pack is a bigger emotional risk than they’re willing to take.

We all want people to follow us online and the more the merrier. The old fashioned way of building a following one user at a time, one step at a time is, well, old fashioned. It’s also slow and painstaking. It requires a tremendous amount of time and effort.

In fact, it can become such a monumental chore that building your following soon consumes all your attention to the point you lose track of what you were trying to accomplish with your account in the first place.

At that point, you can either give up, pack your bags and go home, or you can start doing things the 21st Century way. That means it’s time to automate by buying Instagram followers from the type of company found here.

Does It Work?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: it depends.

Buying Instagram followers works, if and only if you do it right. Remember that phrase from geometry class?

“A triangle is equilateral, if and only if, its angles all measure 60º.”

The same thing applies to buying Instagram followers. Buying followers alone, bots, for the most part, will give your account a nice appearance when people visit your page and see it for the first time.

“Wow! She’s got 50,000 followers!”

That’s a great first impression. But then your hypothetical visitor starts to scroll down and notices that none of your gazillion followers has ever bothered to like any of your posts or leave any comments on them. Something starts to bother them and it won’t be long before they smell a rat.

They realize your “followers” are just zombie accounts and your great first impression turns sour in their mouth. They leave in disgust and warn everyone not to visit you because all you’ve got following you are spambots.

The Correct Method

Buying Instagram followers who are real people with real accounts is going to cost more than paying for bots, but it comes with some real advantages.

  • Third party software can detect fake followers, but these are real people. Each one, usually paid with bitcoin, or sometimes real money by the company they sign up with, has a real name and account. The sniffer software will pick up on it and flag them as a real person – which they are.
  • Whether they actually like your page or not, the users have agreed to interact with it, like some posts, and leave comments that apply to what you’re posting. That means your visitors will see real comments. Even the strange ones will add a bit of flavor to your page.

When you buy Instagram followers from a company that does business that way, you’ll generate a buzz that has the potential to go viral.

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