The Meaning Of Cherry Blossom Tattoos According To Different Cultures

Many people choose a cherry blossom tattoo for various reasons. Different cultures attach different meaning to this type of tattoo. While in some cultures it is a symbol of youth and springtime, other cultures view them as a representation of how delicate human life is.

For instance, in Japan, the tattoos are seen as a symbol of beauty. Now, let’s dig deep and understand more meanings of cherry blossom tattoo from different cultures and much more.

1. What Cherry Blossom Tattoo means In Buddhism.

One thing about cherry is that it blossoms for a few days and then disappears. As a result of this, they reminds us to live in the current time. And because this is a fundamental philosophy for Buddhist thinking, cherry tattoo is commonly utilized by Buddhists. Religion wise, they symbolize great self-knowledge and working to gain more wisdom and enlightenment.

2. Meaning of Cherry Blossom Tattoo in Japan.

In Japan, significant percentage of people are Buddhists. As such, you would expect that some tattoo meanings for Japanese will overlap those of Buddhists. Carry blossoms represent how semi-permanent human life can turn to be and how fast and beautiful things pass away after a short time. 

Likewise, in Japanese culture, these tattoos represent the beauty of life. They can also symbolize a vanished love.

Fascinatingly, the cherry blossom flower is Japan’s national flower, and it is called “Sukura” in the Japanese language. And because it is mostly used in national ceremonies, you often find it in offices and homes. The flower also represents innocence, spring, and simplicity. 

The cherry blossom is also used by Japanese warriors called Samurai to symbolize strength and fierceness. It shows the balance between powers. The cherry tree is hard and robust, and that is how the Samurai warriors are supposed to be. However, the blossoms are delicate and sweet. So, the Samurai serve to perverse, sweet, and delicate ways of life.

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3. What Cherry Blossom Tattoo Means In China.

In China, the cherry blossoms tattoo represents love or the beauty of sex. They also symbolizes femininity and empowerment. Likewise, cherry blossom is considered in China as a sign of adoration and womanly attraction. Most Asian nations also use cherry blossom as a symbol of spiritual consciousness. It also means wisdom, courage, and industriousness.

Cherry blossom flower is also used in weddings as a symbol of good luck and success in love. The blossoms are commonly utilized in wedding ceremonies to shield a happy union in new marriages.

4. An Emblem of Humbleness.

Cherry blossoms don’t flower for so long. They bloom for a few days and then die off suddenly. This symbolizes the human being’s impermanence and humbleness. It reminds us to live humbly with fellow human beings since the entire existence of mankind can be cut off in just seconds. Many people wear a cherry blossom tattoo to emphasize this message.

5. An Emblem of Hope.

In Japan, the appearance of cherry bloom signifies the beginning of a new year. As such, a cherry tattoo is used to symbolize a new beginning and hope. It shows we should always be hopeful and be open to new chances in the following year. 

6. Gender and Cherry Blossoms.

While all people are different, the two distinct genders have their own unique tattoos. In most cases, ladies interweave their cherry tattoos with hearts, butterflies, stars, or Sakura tree. For men, they accompany their cherry tattoos with skulls, fire, or geishas. Both genders might also customize their tattoos with love quotes or koi fish. Everyone is unique, and therefore a cherry blossom tattoo can be utilized to reveal a person’s personality or personal belief.

7. The Right Part on Your Body to Have a Tattoo.

Blossom tattoo can be designed very small, and as such, they can be anywhere on the body. However, if you choose significant cherry blossom tattoos or the whole sakura tree, you will need to choose large spots on your body, such as your back, side, shoulder, arm, and leg.

Simple cherry tattoo designs can be imprinted on your foot, neck, wrist, or ankle. Since cherry blossom tattoos are becoming progressively prevalent in modern era, you will find it done almost any surface on a human’s body. However, for best results, seek professional guidance from your tattoo artist concerning the tattoo sizes, styles, and the ideal places to do them.

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