The Must-Have Designer Bags To Buy In 2021

Accessorizing your outfit with the perfect designer bag can complete your look and instantly update any outfit you have in your closet. Whether you have the budget to splash out on high-end designer brands, or want to go down the thrifty route of renting a designer bag (more on this below!) there is a style, size, brand, and shape for you.

The beauty of an iconic designer bag is that they are versatile, so you never have to worry about what to match them with. In fact, this is more reason to add an investment bag to your collection, which is the ultimate go-to accessory no matter your style.

Whether you are looking for a timely piece for a fancy occasion or an everyday go-to handbag, there is something for everyone that you will love and get to use for many years to come. If you have been thinking of which designer bag to add to your collection or you are looking for your first ever designer bag, you are in the right place. In this article are some of the best investment bag options that will carry you through any season and instantly upgrade your style.

Saint Laurent Chain Wallet

You can never go wrong with a classic Saint Laurent bag. It features a detachable chain, so you can wear it as a crossbody for running errands during the day or use it for the evening as a clutch bag.  The leather is durable and can be easily wiped clean if it gets dirty. 

The Saint Laurent Kate style bag is also another classic and durable bag. If you don’t want the option of using the bag as a clutch, then definitely go for this style. Both bags are similar in what you can fit inside and the overall look.

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton has many bags in its collection to choose from, but we are most excited about the Louis Vuitton Neverfall and the Speedy bags. Both pieces are versatile and ideal for everyday life and for professional women to carry essentials or a laptop to work. They are an all-time successful bag, and they come in endless color options as well as limited editions and special artist collaborations.

With the massive popularity of the Louis Vuitton brand, you can also choose to resell the bags at any time.

The Birkin bag

The Birkin bag was named after Jane Birkin, and it has been a highly coveted piece since its inception in 1984 by the designer Hermes. Easily one of the most iconic bags in existence, the Hermes Birkin bag is the ultimate luxe tote with a slightly slouchy shape that adds an element of cool to any outfit and can fit all the essentials that you carry every day. 

The bag comes in a variety of colors that can suit any occasion and outfit. For anyone who wants a bag they can resell, this is the perfect one because its value is expected to double in the next ten years.

Then there is the Kelly bag, a more polished and sophisticated bag still under the Hermes collection. It comes with a structured silhouette and a more compact shape, making it easier to transition from day tonight.

Classic Chanel bags

Since the debut of Chanel bags in 1910, the luxury brand has grown alongside women as they’ve gained more rights and equal power and the continued quest for equality. 

The Chanel luxury brand bags will elevate your wardrobe to heights of polished refinement. The Chanel purse exudes the same fashion-forward determination as Coco herself and proudly represents liberation inherent in the luxury brands’ designs.

There are various options to choose from the Chanel brand, but the most iconic and loved by most is the Chanel 2.55. When Gabrielle Chanel created this bag in 1955, it created quite a scandal because it was the first women’s bag to come with a shoulder strap which left women’s hands-free to do as they please, and this was considered a rebellion. It grew in popularity as women were thrilled with their newfound freedom. 

Another interesting fact about the bag is that the secret zip pocket installed inside was intended for storing secret love letters as Coco Chanel did when she was said to have an illicit affair.

Fast forward to today, this bag is still a household staple worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively, nearly every member of the social elite owns a Chanel 2.55, and so can you.

Chanel bags can be pretty expensive if you can’t afford a new one; look for pre-owned styles in good condition or rent designer bags from these top sites if you want them for a one-time event.

Loewe Puzzle bag

The Loewe Puzzle bag is created with 41 different leather pieces, 45 pieces of cloth, nine textile pieces, along with the additional metalware and zips. The puzzle bag is a genuine piece of art and a style staple among fashionistas and designer bag lovers.

The bag can be worn as a shoulder bag, tote, crossbody, clutch, or backpack. The Loewe Puzzle bag’s innovative cuboid shape is meticulously handcrafted to create a distinctive and supple silhouette. The creation is versatile and is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

The Balenciaga bag

Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate increased the popularity of the Balenciaga bag. They carried the bag non-stop in the early 2000s and permanently made the bag to make it to the “it bags” list.

From simple everyday classics to lush standout pieces, the luxury brand presents various designs for all tastes. If you want a statement Balenciaga bag, go for a Bazar bag that made a debut recently. 

Another striking classic example is the Balenciaga Papier bag, which is also Cameron Diaz’s favorite bag. For an everyday bag, you would also like to consider the Classic City Tote. This shoulder bag not only comes in a range of different hues but can also be bought in large, medium, or nano sizes.

If you are looking to invest in the perfect designer handbag, this list itemizes the ultimate must-haves for 2021!

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