The #NoFilter Pregnancy Experiences We Wish More People Talked About

People tell you a lot when you’re pregnant, and judging by all the glossy Instgram and social media posts, you’d think pregnancy is a breeze. But these images don’t always tell the full story. There are a number of experiences that don’t get talked about enough. Here are a few changes to be aware of:

Say goodbye to your personal space!
Being pregnant means that there will be no room to be reserved or be shy when it comes to your body. Your regular appointments, sonograms and scans will mean nurses, doctors, midwives or doulas have to view, touch and inspect the most private areas of your body. Yes, it’s par for the course, but for the shy among us, it can certainly be an adjustment. However, this is the welcome type of interaction. Those who have been pregnant will be familiar with the unwanted touching of the belly by strangers and people you didn’t necessarily give permission to. These are the times you should speak up if you feel uncomfortable.

It doesn’t have to be by the book
You may find yourself needing to read every baby book that was ever published and follow every ‘how-to-guide’, but in reality, there is no book that will fully explain what to expect during your own personal journey through pregnancy. Reading too much may be leave you feeling overwhelmed and create unnecessary stress and anxiety (which isn’t good for you or your growing baby).

Yes, it’s difficult not knowing what to expect, especially when so many people are giving you a plethora of hand-me-down books to study. Trust the advice of your really close friends, the ones who will be brutally honest, that have already experienced pregnancy, but still, keep in mind that every pregnancy is unique and yours may be very different.

Be prepared for awkward adjustments

As you leave the second trimester and enter your final stages of pregnancy during which your unborn baby grows and gains the most weight, your body seems to change the most and even the most basic things like putting on a pair of shoes or painting your toenails will become a mammoth task. (opens in a new tab)”>your final stages of pregnancy during which your unborn baby grows and gains the most weight, your body seems to change the most and even the most basic things like putting on a pair of shoes or painting your toenails will become a mammoth task.

You may even need to ask your partner or a family member step in and help you do everyday tasks like shaving your legs. It’s not the most romantic setting if you picture it, and there may be a few awkward moments but these are the times you may look back and laugh.

Don’t freak out about the leaking!
As your body changes throughout pregnancy and advances through the first, second and eventually the third trimester you will notice just how much fluid actually exits in it. Whether it be from your eyes, your nipples or “down there”, there will be a continual supply of fluid leaving your body.

Thrush may rear its ugly head and the first supply of milk known as colostrum may come in which can be a rather unusual experience the first time. Reality kicks in that you will soon become the sole source of food for another human being. Before that little one arrives, and things all seem to naturally fall into place, that thought can be a little unnerving.

Everyone has an opinion
Your family, friends and even complete strangers will gawk at you (or you’ll think that they are) with every step you take. Your diet will be scrutinized, and questions will be asked as to whether that slice of ham you’re eating is cooked or whether your cup of coffee is actually decaffeinated.

Your stomach will be touched often without you giving permission to do so. You’ll hear things that you don’t necessarily want to such as, ‘you’re huge, are you sure you’re only having one baby?’ Or, ‘you haven’t picked up that much weight, are you sure everything is ok?’ The best advice you can follow is to listen to your body and most importantly your doctor, not the self-proclaimed GP’s in your neighborhood.

The bathroom will be your best friend
You will make frequent trips to the bathroom as your unborn baby continues to grow and develop. You may get up during the middle of the night to relieve yourself, only finding that as you settle back into your bed that you need to go again. Despite the constant urge to go, thanks to your uterus putting pressure on your bladder, it is not always possible to empty it completely. Retained urine can open you up to urinary tract infections (UTIs) which are a very unpleasant experience and seemingly more so during pregnancy.

Nap when you can
As you continue to gain weight and your belly gradually gets bigger, sleeping becomes really difficult. You will get to a point when sleeping on your side is the only position you have and there aren’t enough pillows in the world to make you comfortable especially during the latter stages of pregnancy. The morning will arrive and you’ll feel like you’ve had 30 minutes of sleep, in between running to the bathroom, trying to get comfortable, running through what the nursery still needs and worrying about if you have packed enough clothes in your hospital bag.

Some of the changes your body goes through during pregnancy can be unexpected, unnerving and even awkward at times, but it’s not the end of the story of your journey. When your little one arrives, your life will change forever in such a profound way that all of this will suddenly feel like nothing, and even the worst of it will have been worth it.

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