The Potty-Mouthed Princesses Face Off With Sexist Santa About The Wage Gap


In the third and final installment of the potty-mouthed princesses series brought to you by t-shirt activist organization, the girls discuss the wage gap with a sexist Santa character, perfect in time for the holidays!

These controversial videos which feature underage girls and boys liberally using the “F” word (no not feminism, that other offensive F word…) to promote awareness about domestic violence and inequality toward women. The videos have divided many in not just the feminist community, but in general, mainly because of the controversial nature of having young girls swearing on camera.

But the whole point IS to create discussion and a memorable piece of content in the hope that the video’s message will hit home.

“What’s more offensive? A little girl saying ‘Fuck’ or domestic violence?” the previous video showed a young girl saying.

It should be reiterated that FCKH8 are a for-profit t-shirt company. The shirts they are trying to sell cost $15 USD, but the proceeds go to various non-profit organizations which work toward ending inequality. Since the last video was released, FCKH8 say they have raised over $31,000 which they have donated to these companies.

“We get that some adults are shocked with how these little girls are using a bad word for a good cause,” video director Luke Montgomery said in a press release. “But isn’t the real shock the ugly fact that women are still paid less than men for the same work in this day and age? This Christmas, girls deserve the gift of equality under the tree.”

In the video below, the girls are asking “How sh*tty would it be if Santa were as sexist as society?” to talk about the wage gap which still exists in many countries around the world.

Since there has been a lot of discussion about the involvement of young girls, FCKH8 made a video with the parents and girls involved in the videos, as well as the director and the company’s representatives.

The majority of moms say they don’t normally let their daughters swear in real life, but for the video they allowed it. There are many studies and statistics which show sexist attitudes are developed from a young age, so perhaps the idea is that by showing young men and women being so controversial, it might hit the message home to parents, not just grown adults.

You will never see any shortage of criticism of videos such as this series, or others, such as Hollaback’s Street Harassment video which again divided many people about the issue. Sure a video may not entirely change the inequality that exists, but the fact is they are doing something positive (raising money for other organizations who do fight gender inequality) and in the process they create content that goes viral and allows people to continue the conversations in their homes, workplace, schools etc.

Change isn’t a one-dimensional thing, nor is it one-size-fits-all. Change happens when everyone works together, using whatever resources they have, to make new standards that benefit everyone.

While others may criticize FCKH8 for their bold, brassy display, we applaud the fact that they have a message behind their content.

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