The Practical Bride: How To Make A Simple Dress Look Totally Badass

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Brides on a budget often are concerned about their appearance on their wedding day. Simple dresses are much cheaper and have a lot more functionality, but don’t always deliver the wow factor that brides are seeking on their wedding day. Some women want to make their simple dress look badass for the big day.

Here are some simple and functional things that you can do to spice up your simple wedding dress.


Belted wedding dresses are definitely in fashion this season. A belt not only will extend the bride’s torso, it emphasizes the natural hourglass shape of a woman. If you have a simple wedding dress, a belt can be just the accessory that will brighten up your wedding day look and draw attention to simplicity and stylishness. Belts come in all styles and kinds. You can choose from ribbon sashes to completely blinged out belts. Whether your wedding style is boho chic or evening formal, there is a belt that will match your wedding day style.

Sparkling Shoes

Pro tip: the simpler your dress, the bigger you can go on accessories! Whether you have opted for informal and casual dresses for you and your crew, or simple evening wear, if you have simple or no adornments on your dress, you can bring the sparkle in within other accessories. Rhinestone studded heels are an incredible accessory to add to simple dresses. They can range from disco ball sparkle to understated and subtle. Glitter laden shoes, bring about an amazing piece that won’t always be seen by your guests, but can make you feel amazing, too.


Headpieces are extremely popular because they can complement any wedding day look. For your simple wedding dress, a headpiece can be almost anything! If you have a simple, outdoorsy or beach vibe, you can choose to go with a flower crown to pay homage to your natural setting without detracting from your dress. Crowns and tiaras always work better with less extreme dresses, as they will actually add to your look without taking away from your overall simple look. If you want to keep a traditional vibe, you can spring for a veil and go bigger on the details. Lace overlays, ombre dyes, and extremely beaded veils will give you the conversation piece that you are looking for on your wedding day.

Bigger is Better

The simpler your dress, the bigger you can go on your accessories… literally. Chunky necklaces can add an interesting neckline of your dress and give your guests a place to place their attention. Giant earrings, such as hoops and long dangling chains, can offer a unique accessory without outdoing your dress. You can even go for larger bangles to give your look a retro and outdoorsy vibe to compliment your dress’ simple exterior. Bigger accessories make bigger conversation pieces and will draw more attention to where it belongs: the bride.

Being a budget bride can be hard when you’re trying to achieve your fairytale look on your wedding day. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be! Pick some tricks from our list and spice up your wedding day look to make yourself look less like a budget shopper and more like a badass.

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