The Pros & Cons Of Being A Working Mother In Today’s World

One of the best things that this century witnesses is the fact that women are gaining their rights, and they’re able to prove their vital and crucial roles in society. Today’s women are no longer those who are enslaved or suppressed by men; they’re becoming independent, strong, and more resilient. The concept of stay-at-home housewives has changed a lot and we rarely see this example in which women prefer to stay at home rather than pursue their life goals and careers. Nowadays, we notice working mothers in almost every field, however, the situation can get a bit complicated for them under certain circumstances. Here are some of the pros and cons of being a working mom in today’s world.


Social Life

The working environment is a privilege working moms have as they get to enjoy colleagues’ chats, gatherings, and the opportunity to have things to talk about other than the kids. Imagine how boring it can be to only think and talk about diapers, toys, and schools. A mom also gets a chance to accompany her kids to outings with co-workers and their children too; it’s a win-win situation since she’ll combine family and friends time altogether.

Raising Independent Kids

When a child realizes that his mom and dad are not going to be around all day, he/she tends to do things on their own rather than depending on their parents to do them. Kids will learn how to fold their laundry, prepare breakfast and perform other responsibilities their moms used to do. That way the child will be a future independent adult who can perform any household duties on their own without relying on parents.

Financial Support

A working mom’s salary can be an important asset for the stability and the comfort of the family. The income that the household receives from the husband and the wife will make life much easier and affordable. The kid in this house will have the luxury of a lot of toys and trendy clothes, as well as options for more courses, like music, dance, swimming, football, and karate lessons.


Killing Family Time

Moms who work full-time shifts spend a good deal of time outside their homes that results in missing a lot of priceless first moments for their kids, like the first steps or first words. Not only does a mom miss first moments, but she also loses precious family moments; she spends less time with her children, which can affect their relationship. The working mom also can overlook her duties towards her husband or her work conditions force her to travel a lot; a matter that can affect their marital life to the extent of divorce, which can destroy a family and result in complicated kids who get torn between their parents’ custody. That’s why a divorced mom should read more about how this will affect her children’s life in terms of custody arrangements. After all, it’s not their fault that their parents are separated, and they shouldn’t suffer any consequences. However, understanding the legalities of the situation might help prevent any future issues.


The 8 or 9-hour shift moms spend at work is enough to make them exhausted and tired all the time, especially when they get home. They would just want to relax from the long, draining day, but there is a tiny chance for them to do so since they go home to find a husband and kids waiting. At this point, the mom is forced to show love and care and perform other housework tasks too; the burden would be even bigger if her husband is not supportive or if she’s a single mom.

Health Problems

A mother who wakes up every day to prepare breakfast, dress up for work, attend tons of meetings and comes home to another bunch of responsibilities will no doubt suffer from stress and anxiety most of the time if not all the time. The number of duties demanded from a working mom can affect her health terribly, which consequently will affect her performance at work and her family’s life. A stressed mom is likely to yell at her kids and have poor communication with them, which can have destructive consequences if not controlled.

There are many things a working mom can do to surpass any difficulties. She can practice some self-control activities to be able to manage her responsibilities at home and work with no stress. She needs to take time for herself to be pampered; exercising, shopping, and getting nails and hair done are crucial things to avoid stress and possible depression. Moms also can sacrifice a bit by choosing to work at home; yes, she wouldn’t have quality time with colleagues or the fun chit chats, but she wouldn’t miss family time or suffer from tiring journeys to and from work every day. A working mom is a super-hero who sacrifices her comfort for the sake of her family, so hang in there, mom; we have got your back and we’ll always support you.

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