The Role Of Education In Human Development

Education is much more than what most people understand it to be; it goes beyond getting various certifications or reading a book. Education can be broadly defined as a process that aims to provide a set of instructions to instill good morals, a positive attitude towards life, ethical behavior and a need to help others. More often than not, the role played by education in human development is often overlooked.

Education is perhaps the essential aspect of human development as it provides an avenue to help people to grow economically and broaden their understanding of cultural and social practices in the community. Most educated persons within a society that does not value the importance of education, often leave. This leads to massive brain drain, that if left unchecked could adversely affect the social and economic viability of the entire community. 

Education is the key to development as it opens up a world of possibilities from advances in health care services, to innovative tools for use in the agricultural sector. For us to be able to reap these benefits fully, we need to unleash the potential off the human mind. The best way to achieve this is with education, which should not be taken lightly. As a student, this is a topic you can pass on to your essay writers when paying for an assignment online.

The Advantages of Education in General Human Development

Even though education has been a fundamental right for most countries around the world, various studies have shown that the children who are not in school are not only a result of being denied this basic human right but also because they have been denied the opportunities to learn.  Below is a list of the role education plays in facilitating human development:

  • Less economic worries

Today education is among the certain ways of securing a well-paying job. As such, you are less likely to worry about your finances and will be more focused on your growth, self-care, and pursuing various interests.

  • Economic stability

With education, you are better placed to contribute to the stability of your community and ensure personal growth. You can opt to invest in a business where you can employ people or become a mentor for others to follow in your footsteps.

  • Intellectual benefits

As previously stated, education is much more than just getting your certificates. However, this is not any less important when considering human development. For you to progress, you need to have a deep understanding of specific or multiple disciplines.

  • Critical thinking

An educated person can process information from different sources more efficiently because of the skills learned in school. Critical thinking plays a vital role in determining how people evaluate various issues and their responses. 

  • Discover your talents

Schools provide a world of opportunities as well as a lot of exposure for their students. In school, you will be introduced to different subjects, arts, sport, and many other learning opportunities. With time you will be able to identify where your passions and talents lie.

  • Identify areas you are weak in

Just as education can help highlight one’s talents, it can also help identify areas that require more attention, such as disabilities, language barriers, health concerns, etc. as such you will be able to focus more effort on these problem areas for better personal development.

  • Better cognitive ability

The more a person utilizes their intellect through learning, the better their brain becomes. You get the added benefit of good recall, better memory, improved ability to process, and respond to information.

  • Improvements in communication skills

In school, you are more likely to interact with different people and will have to express yourself in different ways. Through this process, you pick up better communication skills and grow your vocabulary. As you develop, you will realize that you can effectively present coherent ideas, thoughts, and opinions. 

  • Reduced poverty rate

Having the necessary literacy skills could greatly help in reducing the number of people living below the poverty line. That is why various governments across the world are struggling to provide free primary education for their students. 

Education is an excellent equalizer that has the best chance of improving a person’s standard of living as well as positively impact the lives of those around him/ her. Besides, education provides people with the tools they need to avoid exploitation and abuse effectively. Currently, The World Bank has a campaign that aims at emphasizing equal learning opportunities for poverty reduction and better human development.


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