The Unexpected Fields Where Women Are Taking The Lead

It’s clear we still have a long way to go in terms of gender equality when phrases such as “male-dominated industries” are still heavily in use. When it comes to the workplace, things are slowly but surely starting to improve with but many women are still working to overcome discrimination, the wage gap, and lack of promotional opportunities. There are, however, more and more areas where women are starting to dominate like never before. Here are a few unexpected industries where females are rising up and taking the lead.


When talking about slots, poker, and blackjack, people tend to think of a group of men sat around a velvet table, throwing chips whilst glamorous women sit around, watching and giggling at the right points. That’s called a ‘James Bond’ movie! Thankfully in the real world, this archetype is rapidly changing. In fact, from opening the first casino hotel to Vanessa Selbst reaching number one on the Global Poker Index, some of the most influential people in gambling have been women. And now that online gambling websites and sportsbooks are so popular, more women than ever are checking out the best sportsbook and getting involved! 

After years of being overlooked, women are starting to take the lead when it comes to clubhouses. Because, as this online article outlines, there is nothing about casinos that should be skewed toward one particular gender. The inclusive atmosphere fostered by online providers, along with welcome bonuses and free spins, allows for more people to get involved with the industry on their terms.


No matter what the sport, you can speak to a woman and they will tell you how they have had to work three times as hard to get recognized. Just recently, a video made by a college basketball athlete went viral after she showed the blatant sexism between what the male athletes are provided in their training area, vs the women. And let’s not forget the highly publicized legal battle fought by USWNT athletes in regard to equal pay. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but what these stories show is that the sexism is being fought and they are paving the way for improvements to be made, as this internet story shows.

Perhaps it is not just the accolades or trophies that numerous female athletes continue to acquire year after year in an array of sports, it is showing the world how many multiple battles they face along the way, and how they are fighting to show those in leadership and positions of power that classifying “women’s sports” as second class is no longer a viable option.

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash


Anyone who has ever had a tattoo may have noticed the room wasn’t exactly female-dominated. In the past, even women having a tattoo was thought to be ‘masculine’ or ‘taboo’. Yet, along with the public perception of tattoos changing in general, the whole world of women and tattoos is also altering. 

Becoming a tattoo artist is a career path and industry that is being transformed by a number of women, utilizing social media as a means to promote their work and profiles. As this story outlines, tattooed women have gone from being circus acts to winning televised tattoo competitions. And while it is still a male-dominated industry, today, there are women-only tattoo conventions, and famous artists and store owners like Kat Von D who have singlehandedly brought the tradition into a much more modern phase with her celebrity clientele, showcasing the art behind the obsession.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it shows you a glimpse into how women are smashing stereotypes and paving the way for gender equality in industries and arenas where it is very much needed.

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