The Women Who Made America (And Made Your Future Possible)


PBS has just recently aired this incredibly powerful documentary by the Makers team called Makers: The Women Who Made America and after watching it online via the PBS website, we knew it was important content and material that would inspire all of our readers.

We sometimes take for granted the fact that we have freedom and access to equal rights such as salaries, healthcare, voting, education, and much much more. Our generation are the lucky ones, the beneficiaries of all the hard work and battles fought by our mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations.


So what was life really like as a woman before the liberating 1960s and 1970s era? This eye-opening documentary featuring such pioneers and feminists such as Oprah Winfrey, Gloria Steinem, Hilary Clinton, Carlo Burnett, Meryl Streep, Katie Couric and many more give us a little insight to their particular journeys.

A lot of them were met with resistance when it came to changing the way people thought of women and their role in society. They say it was easier to kick down doors than to slowly and gently transform the ideals that existed. The women’s Lib movement and making a loud noise was the only way to show people they meant business.

Women's movement

“Our message was…appreciate the woman…and developing her role in the next generation” says one guest in the doco.

“In order to get people’s attention you gotta blow a loud trumpet, you gotta beat the drum loudly. And nobody listens to you when you quietly into the night,” says media pioneer and mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Film and TV producer Diane English states “The women’s movement is the biggest social movement in the history of the planet earth, because it affected everybody.” If that is not a testament to the power and passion of women then nothing will be.

To go against the norm and break down barriers that may only come into effect in the next generation is a selfless act that is more about the greater good of womenkind everywhere, than just the individual.

“What women were looking for was not the guarantee to succeed, but at least the opportunity to try” states Linda Alvarado in the documentary.


And let’s make this clear, this documentary applies to ALL women everywhere. Not just American women. The way we live in our societies and move within our cultures today is a direct result of what our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and big sisters have done to pave the way so we can have every opportunity possible to live our best lives and reach our full potentials.

Take time to reflect on your life and what you are living for. Do you have a passion to help others and make a difference in the world? We encourage you all to watch this documentary in its entirety and be inspire to pass on the message!


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