This Black, Female-Owned Skincare Brand Is Empowering Customers To Love Their Melanin

DW Aesthetics Founder Cynthia Adjei

The month of October is celebrated as Black History Month in the UK, shining the spotlight on the Black community to recognize the contribution and achievements of those with African or Caribbean heritage. This year’s theme is ‘Proud to Be’, calling upon all Black and Brown individuals to share what they are proud to be. UK-based Black female-owned skincare brand DW Aesthetics is on a mission to make every one of their customers proud of their natural skin, by formulating natural products that deliver empowering results.  

Formulated in close collaboration with a certified pharmacist, the DW Aesthetics skincare range caters to some of the most common skin conditions: acne, pigmentation issues, oily or dry skin, dark knuckles and dark feet. After years of dedicated sourcing and testing, DW Aesthetics offers products that contain only the highest quality natural ingredients, such as shea butter, kojic acid, alpha arbutin, vitamin C, aloe vera and essential oils for healthy, nourished skin.

Founder Cynthia Adjei has been open about her own struggles with skincare and how she wanted to create a product that instills confidence and beauty in other Black women. In light of Black History Month, we wanted to speak with Cynthia about her story, how she has been working to elevate her message during October, and what kind of positive change she hopes to see in the beauty and skincare worlds.

DW Aesthetics Founder Cynthia Adjei

Can you tell us about your cultural background and what it means to celebrate Black History Month for you? 

I have grown to be proud of being black and of my Ghanaian heritage.  My parents came to the UK in the early 70’s to create a better life for themselves and future children. I believe that my culture, upbringing, and life experiences have helped shape who I am today. Black History Month for me, is about embracing being black woman, a dark-skinned black woman who has learned to love her skin again, without seeking validation.

This year’s theme is “Proud To Be” – what do you hope more Black women will be proud of in themselves?

I want Black women to feel that they are ‘enough’ as they are.  So many women come to me after destroying their skin with harmful products, because they wanted to seem more appealing to a man or fit in with a particular beauty standard.

DW Aesthetics is proudly a Black and Female owned brand. Why is it important from a cultural perspective that we see more women of color founders in the beauty and skincare industries? 

I grew up during a time where most beauty salons were predominately catering for white people and skin care training did not take into consideration black skin and how skin care products and treatments reacted differently on black skin.

I’m proud to be part of the change in seeing so many black females owned businesses within the skin care industry.  It does truly make a difference knowing that someone that looks like you will appreciate your skin concerns and not dismiss you because of their lack of knowledge or understanding on skin conditions that affect black people.

What were some of your struggles with skincare growing up, that made you want to start your own company? 

I struggled with severe hyperpigmentation, mild acne with oily skin.  My face and neck became much darker than the rest of my body. During my teenage years this was tough to deal with.

I visited my GP and beauty places for help but unfortunately received no solution and instead wasted a lot of money on treatments and products that did not work.  I also tried products that nearly destroyed my skin.  For years I used makeup as a cover just to get through each day. Starting my own skincare business was to help myself and others who suffered with similar issues.

In a moment where there are more conversations about race than ever in light of the #BlackLivesMatter movement that has ignited the world, how do you hope to be part of the ongoing discussions about systemic racism in a number of industries and arenas? 

I hope to be part of the discussion by educating black women on their skin and helping them be the best version of themselves. I would love to see more inclusive content in skincare training materials which focuses on how our skin reacts to certain chemicals/ ingredients.  More black beauty experts, dermatologist representation in position of power to normalize black skin concerns.

What are some of the most popular products items in the DW Aesthetics range right now? 

Our most popular products are treatments for hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and acne.  These include the Fade & Brighten Moisturiser, Skin Radiant Corrective Complexion lotion and Anti Blemish Acne Mask.

If there is one thing you want people to remember during Black History Month, what would it be?  

As black people we have achieved and contributed so much to society, and this should be celebrated all year round. We as Black people need to uplift and support each other starting from the home and communities.  Together we are stronger.

You can learn more about DW Aesthetics by clicking HERE.