This Is What A Lingerie Brand Would Look Like If It Wasn’t Trying To Sexualize Women


It sounds like a ridiculously far-fetched idea, right? A Lingerie brand that doesn’t seek to sexualize women’s bodies in order to sell? You’d be forgiven for thinking this was lingerie’s ONLY function, given the amount of sexualization happening over at Victoria’s Secret and a number of other brands. But imagine if we thought about underwear and lingerie more about how it serves our individual bodies and how it makes us feel, rather than what we look like to, say, the rest of the world?

There are a few brands we have seen try to set themselves apart from the rest and offer something different to women, such as Dear Kate, whose marketing impetus is based around encouraging women in who they are and what they do, and affirm their value NOT according to how the world sees them.

It is definitely something that is missing from the lingerie market. And just to be clear, we’re not saying you shouldn’t feel sexy in your undergarments, or that dressing up for your partner is wrong. It’s when that is the ONLY message we get as women, coupled with only one body type portrayed as being “sexy”, we know we need a change. Which is why a new UK lingerie brand called Neon Moon has us excited about the future of this industry.

This is a label is that trying to disrupt the lingerie market by helping women feel beautiful, comfortable and sexy just the way they are. It was launched with a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign by founder Hayat Rachi and is being touted as “feminist lingerie”.


Hayat’s mission was to create a line that serves a very diverse and inclusive cross-section of women, and take the sexualization aspect out of the equation. ‘Coz hey, you can get that from a million other brands, but there are very few who seek to promote authentic female empowerment that doesn’t require you to fit into narrow physical specifications.

“I found it difficult to find a lingerie brand that shared the same ethos as myself: empowerment, body confidence and the non-objectification of women. So instead of succumbing to the body-shaming, sexualised and objectifying lingerie on the market, I used my frustration to start my own brand, Neon Moon, with the support of The Prince’s Trust,” explains Hayat on her campaign page.

“Neon Moon will always aim to be a product that the majority of people can afford. Feminist lingerie is not a privilege, it’s a right. Neon Moon is an unapologetic feminist lingerie brand for girls who want to create a whirlwind community of change. The brand strives to create lingerie that empowers women in all phases of womanhood, fostering confidence. Neon Moon and I wish to change the lingerie industry by catering to women of all sizes, ethnicities, and body types, including women who embrace pubic, leg and underarm hair,” she added.


So far there are only a few options available in bright, bold colors, in sizes small, medium and large. Refinery29 did make a point of saying that for a “diverse” brand, the sizes need to be more extensive, but Hayat has assured buyers that as they grow the label, more sizes, both larger and smaller, will be available.

While they are working on that, we can already see Neon Moon being a major step above other very narrow-looking brands. In the photos posted online we can see different body types, skin colors as well as a transgender model being used.

“Transgender women should not be obligated to look like cis women in order to be considered beautiful by society. It’s all about women being comfortable in themselves whilst being comfortable in Neon Moon feminist lingerie,” Hayat said in a press release.

The “moon” part of the name refers to the way women’s bodies are constantly changing and should be catered to in that respect, away from feeling the pressure to conform to the standards so often placed on women.


Positioning a new lingerie brand from a different point of view is an interesting tactic and we are curious to see how it will gel with buyers.

“I always wondered – if lingerie didn’t have the sexualised context from the moment we are given our first bra, would it help girls pursue more in life? Not everything is about looking sexy, or fulfilling the male gaze. Girls should not have to question why they look a certain way or feel that they have to conform to society’s pressures. It’s important for girls to not compare themselves to unachievable standards of ‘beauty’. Rather, they need to reclaim the right to their bodies and decide how it should look for them and not for others,” Hayat told Huffpost UK.

Overall, it is about allowing women to see themselves represented in the clothes they buy, the marketing messages they consume, and in the advertising they see. We have no doubt Neon Moon is going to resonate well with buyers and certainly hope to see many more brands infiltrating the lingerie market in order to diversify it and make it a more inclusive space for all women’s bodies.

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