This Short Film Perfectly Describes What It’s Like To Be A Woman Today

One of our contributors Latisha Conto, who is also a filmmaker shared with us a short film she recently made called “A Girl Walked Into A Wall”.

The narrative is a poem of the same name which was written by Latisha a few years ago and perfectly describes in an artistic way the struggles we face today as women in the world.

We come up against so many obstacles, and many of them are because of our gender. It’s rather frustrating, but within us we have the power to overcome.

The film was produced on a small budget, and the poem written in 20 minutes. It was all a labor of love, but captures an important message that needs to be told.

“For me it’s as simplistic as: A girl is complex. She is polite, forceful, sensual and ultimately brave and self-reliant. I went on to create a short film using the poem as the story.” Says Latisha.

Actress Jessica Andres says: “I think we all have challenges, obstacles, “walls” in our lives.  Anyone who wants to do anything different or live their dreams is bound to encounter conflict, it’s how you deal with that conflict that shows your character.  As  women, our “walls” seem taller and wider at times than our male counterparts.”

“The important thing is that we don’t give up.  Because in the end, just like that girl, we have the capacity to realize that all “walls” exist only in our minds.  And once we trust in our strength, intelligence and sensuality as a women, we can see its possible to ” walk right up over” any wall and never think of them again ever at all.”

Producer and narrator Benita Robledo says “it’s a scary thing bringing your ideas into the world. When you believe in what you’re making you have to stand behind it, knowing that not everyone is going to like it, and sometimes, that no one is going to like it. That’s why you have to surround yourself with people who make you better and more productive artists.”

Share this film with every girl you know who is going through a struggle and just needs that little bit of extra support to keep going.

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