This Victoria’s Secret Model Refuses To Quit Her App Developer Day Job


Models these days are expected to be much more than just a pretty face and a bangin’ body. Don’t believe us? Just watch any episode of America’s Next Top Model where supermodel & judge Tyra Banks berates her contestants with the same message. So when we heard high fashion model Lyndsey Scott has another day job, we figured she is someone that you all need to know about.

Lyndsey is an actress and model, and has been very successful in that field. The 29 year-old has walked the runways for Gucci, Prada, Vera Wang and Fendi in various Fashion Weeks globally, and became the first ever African-American model to get an exclusive runway contract with Calvin Klein in 2009. She graduated from Amherst college in Massachusetts in 2006 with a double degree in theater and computer science. She is also a computer programmer and app developer.

The two careers couldn’t be more opposite, but Lyndsey has successfully found a way to navigate both careers. Her company is called Standable Inc. and so far has built 8 apps! Two of her apps, coded in iOS are available on Apple’s App Store. The first is called Educate! It is a charity-based app which helps find sponsors for scholars in Uganda.

The second, which is an example of her two careers combining, is called iPort. This app is digital version of a model’s portfolio book. She has started marketing the app to various modeling agencies. She is somewhat of an anomaly in the fashion world, and intends to keep breaking down the ridiculous standards and barriers which exist.

“The industry makes an effort to reduce the model and, in a way, simplify things. The way they marketed me a lot of times was as younger than I am. They wouldn’t talk about my education, they wouldn’t talk about me…In a way I understand. Youth is valued more than a college education,” she tells Pandodaily in an interview (over skype, of course).


Lyndsey’s story gained a lot more attention when she answered a question on social media site Quora about physical beauty. The question was “What does it feel like to go from physically unattractive to physically attractive?” Her response was insightful and inspiring.

She admits to being bullied in school and says it is quite weird to be treated the way she is now, knowing what she came from.

“I was bullied and often friendless throughout puberty because people automatically judged me as being someone I was not. So it’s been a rather jarring experience having people see and treat me the way they suddenly do now. Same is true now as it was then — I (like everyone else I’m sure) am judged on sight.”

She also says the difference between then and now is that back then no one would give her a chance to them she was cool, but nowadays they do yet some are still disappointed that she is a nerd. Lyndsey has even been asked by agents to tone down the “nerdiness” as it doesn’t fit into the popular model lifestyle image.

“I’ve definitely had a few [modeling] agencies tell me I need to be cooler,” Scott says. “Of course these conversations make you feel pretty bad about yourself.” This professional “bullying” of sorts hasn’t stopped her from embracing what she’s good at and what she loves to do.


She is now signed with Elite Model Management, who understand how important it is for a model to have other attributes other than physical beauty (just like Tyra says!).

“Anything which adds dimension to a model beyond her physical beauty is a good thing,” her agent Tony Vavroch says. “Physical beauty gets a model’s foot in the door but her personality, combined with other gifts and abilities, makes her more interesting  to advertisers and fashion and beauty clients.”

Lyndsey says there are both perks and pitfalls to being a good-looking model. The freebies, the money she makes, and the people who laugh at her jokes more are all positives. On the downside are the names she gets called.

“Would-be catcallers will sometimes call me a bitch as I walk by, some women…are very catty to me from the get-go, and many people are shocked to find out that I’m anything other than an airhead…that I was a comp. sci. major and that I program iOS apps, for example.  Sometimes it all makes me very, very angry.”


But she is smart enough to know how to take it in her stride and use it all to her advantage in the hopes that it will inspire other women.

“In general, having beauty and intelligence is super useful during occasions that require me to assert a bit more authority. In general, I feel extremely lucky to have been granted this new super-power. Rhe world is a super shallow place, yes, but it’s pointless to take their snap judgements too seriously because no one deserves to be treated differently based solely on their appearance.”

Her youngest brother Matthew Scott says she’s the pioneer of the Scott family. “If I had to liken her to someone, I’d say she’s like Gisele Bundchen mixed in with Bill Gates,” Matthew Scott says. “I can’t imagine those two combined but if they did it would probably be Lyndsey.”

We think Scott has developed (pun intended) her own unique brand of femininity, success and strength which is what we hope more women will do in their own live. It’s not about living up to society’s standards, but doing the absolute best you know you can with what you have, not trying to be “the next” anyone.

“It’s about the emphasis of the person as a brand. I prefer to have an honest brand,” says Lyndsey, who is truly a great example of forsaking the superficial for embracing the real you.


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