This Video Shuts Down Any Myths About Plus Size Women & Health In The Most Epic Way


With the ongoing attention paid to body image in mainstream media and fashion, as well as the shifting attitudes toward how we perceive different women’s bodies thanks to the infiltration of voices through social media, the momentum must continue. We are challenging the status quo and all the pre-conceived “norms” like never before, and although it can be uncomfortable at times with differing opinions, it is making a lot more space for women’s bodies to be embraced and accepted.

We have shared numerous campaigns and images of brands actively taking notice of the body positive movement and paying attention to the loud voice of the consumer. The issue of accepting plus size bodies as normal is contentious at best because in the fashion world plus size means 12-14 (US), but in the real world, size 12-14 represents the average American woman.

Why do plus size women and curvy women have to be pushed into some “other” category, as if their bodies aren’t part of the norms? This is a question clothing brand Penningtons have addressed in an epic way, by shutting down the myth that plus size women are treated as so because they physically cannot do what size 0 bodies can.

As part of their #IWontCompromise campaign, they released a video in early January featuring Dianne Bondy, a plus-size yoga teacher, doing all the things society says larger women can’t do, while text on the video bearing insults we have all heard before such as “plus size women have no balance” and “they sweat a lot” is a stark juxtaposition to reality.

“Body confidence and self-acceptance are topics that have grown in popularity over recent years. Why? The fact of the matter is that our world is still filled with stigma, stereotypes and unrealistic expectations. It’s time to reclaim power from a society that thinks we should look or act a certain way based on our appearance. Instead of trying to change ourselves to fit an arbitrary standard, let’s change perceptions,” says the description of the campaign and video, which already has over 1 million views on Youtube and more than 2 million on Facebook.

Part of the problem is not giving consumers the chance to see different body sizes in a “legitimate” way as the standard skinny, white, petite bodies that dominate fashion campaigns. What Penningtons have done is chip away at an argument that plagues the plus size discussion – the idea that if you promote body positivity you are also promoting obesity. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Another video that has been getting a lot of attention comes from American Eagle’s Aerie Lingerie brand which has set a decidedly body positive direction over the past few years. Their commitment to not using photoshop and promote a more healthy idea is clearly working, because although American Eagle saw a drop in overall sales recently, the only place they saw an increase was in their Aerie range. Coincidence? We think the message about body diversity couldn’t be more clear.


As part of their new Aerie Real campaign, the brand published a video featuring plus size model Barbie Ferriera which has been getting a lot of attention. Released mid-January, the video has over 1.2 million views on Youtube so far. The size 12 model is seen in a link bikini for Aerie’s swimwear range talking about the importance of being part of this movement.

What makes me Aerie Real is that I am un-apologetically myself, no matter what anyone’s opinion of me is. Not being retouched in the images is something that’s very important to me — people knowing that that’s what I look like, without anyone’s perception of what my body needs to look like,” she says in the video below.

Ultimately, that IS what it’s all about, being allowed the space to be un-apologetically ourselves without fear of being told we don’t fit in somehow. These are the types of disruptive messages and images we need to see more of, with all genders (body stereotyping is not just a female problem) all races, and all ages. Well done Penningtons and Aerie for creating such bold campaigns which are going viral for a reason. Keep them coming!

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