This Woman Is “Too Sexy” For Politics, Said A Bunch Of Iranian Men Scared Of Progress…

Woman in Hijab

This story made us actually laugh out loud because it is so ridiculous that women in the world are still facing such idiocy, but don’t worry there are some redeeming qualities to this news item.

A 27 year old Iranian democratically-elected city council official has been fired from her job by a bunch of idiot men because A) she is too beautiful, which in turn made a lot of the men on the council say B) she is vulgar and anti-religious.

Nope, this is not a joke, there are actual morons still in existence who judge women on the way they look. Guess there aren’t any “equal opportunity” laws over there…

Nina Siakhali Moradi from the city of Qazvin, is an architect and a website designer who campaigned hard to win her seat on the Council.

But after she won, an electoral review board, composed of older conservative men, decided to kick her out.

“We don’t want a catwalk model on the council,” a senior official in Qazvin told local press.

They also called her campaign poster “scandalous”. Ummm you know what, we just don’t see it. Seems pretty tame and classy to us!
Not sure which poster they are looking at, but it seems like a case of “clutching at straws” and making an excuse to fire a pretty young, smart, progressive woman in a mostly Islamic state. Perhaps they are afraid she will empower other young women to pursue educations, careers, and become more independent.
Moradi represents a younger Iran. Campaigning under the slogan “Young Ideas For A Young Future,” Moradi promised to fight for women’s rights. She also wanted to restore the old city, the former capital of the ancient Persian Empire, and to include youth in town planning.

According to some local press, her campaign did attract the attention of many young people however “Their actions, attitudes and choice of clothing appeared to be out of line with the town’s traditions” said the NY Daily news.

Unfortunately her time on the council was short lived as her opponents said she only won because she was young and beautiful, rather than recognizing and respecting any of her hard work. People tried to protest the unjust firing but to no avail.
Two other female contenders in the same council election were detained and questioned, and had their campaign posters confiscated. Probably due to the fact that the older set-in-their-ways men who are used to trampling all over women’s rights are not ok with progress and are very threatened by women gaining any power in their societies.
We are quite certain this is not the last we will see of Nina Moradi, and are excited about what she will do next because we know it will be on a bigger scale now that the world knows who she is!
And speaking of bigger scales, there is some progress being made for women from the top of the political ladder in Iran.

Iran’s new president Hassan Rowhani has promised that women would be treated fairly during his term. During a televised debate, he said he wanted to return women’s “trampled rights,” Al Arabiya reports.

This week, Rowhani chose a woman, Elham Aminzadeh, as his vice-president of legal affairs, Bloomberg reports.

Let’s hope this will start a ripple effect, and that President Hassan will commit to his word to empower more women in Iran.



  1. I was born in the Islamic Revolution in Iran, luckily my Mom put on her strong skirt and moved us out by the time I was 9. However, the culture of fear and insecurity stuck with both of us. I am so hapy to read about Nina Moradi, I’m glad she made it as far as she did. Soon the old conservatives will die off, and the young, liberal Iran will bring back the beauty of my country. Thank you GTHQ for sharing.

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