Three Winter Sports Worth Picking Up This Upcoming Season

Do you find it hard to stay active and fit during the cold winter months? Do you often feel as though you’re trapped indoors and just don’t have the same amount of recreational options available to you in the winter as the summer offers? If that’s the case, you aren’t alone, as many people see the winter season as a negative and an end to all recreational fun and activities. So why not make this winter different, why not give some winter sports a try and make the most of the outdoors. You may even find that winter sports end up being more fun than your beloved summer sports.

Here’s a look at three winter sports that are well worth checking out this year and giving a fair try.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most traditional winter sports there and can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. I mean is there anything more authentic than skating on a frozen pond in the dead of winter? If you’re new to ice skating, investing in a pair of good quality figure skates is recommended. Not only should you be concerned with how the boot fits, but you need to be sure they are made from a durable material, such as leather, that will hold up year after year.

Take a look at the Elena Radionova Riedell Boots (2010 Fusion) from Riedell Skates as a great example. These are a lightweight skate, which is ideal for beginners, and they offer plenty of support and flexibility. You may also want to wear a helmet, at least as you’re learning, just to protect yourself in case of a fall.


Here’s another classic winter sport that, unfortunately, is often overlooked. Snowshoeing gives you the opportunity to get outdoors, burn some calories, and stay active in the winter. This one is really easy for beginners to learn and all you need is a pair of snowshoes and poles. You can then do a little research into trails in your area. As an added tip, look for trails with plenty of flat terrains as you master the basics and your technique.

Fat Biking

For something a little less predictable, fat biking could be another fabulous option. Just because the snow has fallen doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some biking. Fat bikes are bikes that have extremely wide-set tires. These are ideal for winter terrain since they can tackle the snow with ease. There are plenty of guided tours that you can sign up for, and trails to explore. You may want to look into renting a fat bike on a guided tour first to see if you like it before investing in your own bike.

A Fresh Take on Winter Fun

Any of these winter sports are sure to provide you with plenty of fun this season and allow you to stay active and fit regardless of what the weather is like. It may just give you a whole new outlook on winter in general.

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