TikTok Beauty Influencer Gabby Morrison Isn’t Afraid To Be Vulnerable About Her Skin Struggles

With any struggles we face, especially something that could be visible, it is easy to want to hide or cover it up. It can be a lonely journey at times. But for TikTok sensation Gabby Morrison, she chooses to be open and vulnerable with her 3.7 million followers about her struggles with skin issues, with the goal of helping others in the same situation feel less alone.

Born and raised in Florida, Gabby is of Jamaican and Trinidadian descent and is a trained dancer, actress and TikTok creator. She shares her authentic self via her trending videos on beauty tips, her travels, personal style, and funny, relatable day-in-the-life videos with her boyfriend and family. Gabby’s passion for body care began once she discovered she had sensitive, dry skin and that she also had eczema.

Along with partnering with large brands such as Macys, The Farmers Dog, Function of Beauty, Gabby is currently the face of GHD’s global launch. Now, Gabby is working with Beaubble on developing a sensitive skin body care line called Lagoon for people struggling with the same sensitive skin issues that she does. She hopes to inspire GenZ and beyond to embrace who they are inside and out and know they’re not alone in their skincare journeys.

We had the chance to speak to the beauty influencer about her own skincare journey, and how she has utilized the power of social media to uplift others who have the same skin struggles, and want to find honest, authentic information that can empower them.

Can you tell us where your passion for beauty and skincare came from? 

My passion for beauty came from my dance background—teaching myself to do my makeup for shows and competitions as well as learning by watching videos on socials. I also love a good recreation moment where I’ll see someone do something that looks kind of easy and just try it for fun. However, I never really felt like I looked my best with a full face, so I would never wear one unless I had to for a dance event. After many eyeliner and mascara days, I really started to like the no makeup makeup look and rock that which is when I really dove into beauty.

With Skincare it was hard for me at first to make a routine due to my eczema. The first step was washing my face with something other than water, and as soon as I tried to use cleanser from the store, I would get rashes and my skin would burn. For a while I ran away from skincare until I was finally diagnosed with eczema, and then I was more interested in buying sensitive skin products but still very cautious and sad that I couldn’t try and use many products. Now I finally know which ingredients and fragrances to stay away from, and I find a lot of joy in discovering products to add to my still very simple routine!

You have been open about struggling with eczema, dry and sensitive skin. What resources did you initially turn to find good products?

I would use YouTube a little bit, but most of the time I would strictly shop in the sensitive skin section. I felt safe there, so I would only use something if it said sensitive on the bottle. If it didn’t, I would try the product, but it would often be hit or miss. I knew that unless it said sensitive, I couldn’t use that product frequently.

With millions of followers and fans tuning into your social media posts, you have become an important resource for others with various skin issues. How has social media become a powerful way of sharing good information? 

I often turn to social media for honest advice as well. Similar to customer reviews, you can usually count on someone’s reviews on social media to be honest. The amount of products I’ve purchased simply because it looked great in someone’s content is crazy. Also, I’ve seen so many good videos that completely sell out products for months.

What kind of videos and content do you like making the most? And which ones do you get the biggest engagement from? 

Since I’m a dancer, I really enjoy making dance trends or doing dance content. I get a lot of engagement from my relationship content; I also get a lot of engagement from my hair content. A lot of my younger audience is fascinated by relationships. They also love inspiration for their hair and tips and tricks to deal with thicker, curly hair!

Can you tell us more about partnering with brands like Levi’s, Amazon, GHD, H&M and more? What kind of content do you create for branded partners, and how do you as an influencer/creator decide which brands you want to work with? 

I create content fluent with my organic content for brands! Depending on the brand, I often think about how I would make a video for this product if it was not a brand deal and that’s exactly what I curate (unless they have a specific campaign idea)! As an influencer, I usually am approached by various brands and depending on what they are looking for I will decide if their current campaign suits my organic content. I also factor in if I would normally shop for and use their products on the daily. Such as Amazon, I genuinely shop on Amazon weekly for anything that pops into my mind so partnering with them was a no brainer!

So, we hear along the grapevine that you are set to release your own set of skincare products with Beaubble. Can you tell us more about this? 

I am working with Beaubble to come out with my own set of skincare for sensitive skin! Starting with body care, I want to broaden the skin care that people like me, with skin issues, can use without worry of bad reactions! We have skin care goals, and we need more products to achieve them!

For others who may be struggling with skin issues and are looking for resources or just general confidence, what advice would you give them, and what do you hope they will find on your account?

My advice to them is to keep an open mind and that something or some products will work for them, they just have to find the right ones! It took me a couple years of allergic reactions and hives to really figure out what the problem with my skin was! I also will recommend them to go to the dermatologist. I feel like I’ve had every random skin issue in the book and a great help has been my dermatologist on speed dial.

We are living in a time where embracing who you are is not just a trend, but an inspiring movement, bolstered by social media influencers like you. Why do you think this has become so popular, especially among Gen Z? 

I believe that it has become so popular as posting became accessible to everyone in Gen Z and everyone has a phone and ability to curate content. Everyone can romanticize their life and make their life look like a movie. Now that everyone is posting, who is standing out? The people that stand out are the people who build a real relationship with their following. We are in a time where you can feel like you actually know someone through their socials without them even knowing your face or name. 

Traditional advertising and media has been very slow to diversify. Why is it important to you as a young woman of color to create representation, and push brands to think wider about who they include in their campaigns? 

There needs to be a greater effort than normal to push and support all POC to even the playing field. Representation matters so much not only to the younger POC so that they can feel empowered enough to think big but also for more privileged people who do not notice the absence of POC. They do not notice or care for the absence because they don’t feel or think about their lack of presence. However, the more representation, the more POC can come to mind and take their place in the branding space. The quicker the better. 

What kind of legacy do you hope to leave in the world? 

I hope to leave a legacy of happy thoughts and memories to the people I have interacted with on socials or in person. 

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