TikTok Workout Trends That Are Taking Over The ‘For You’ Page

If you are a frequent TikTok user or a user of any other social media, chances are you have come across the masses of workout videos that have been created and posted to the app. The famed ‘FitTok’ trends are taking over the ‘for you’ pages by storm, and interacting with just one of the videos will likely lead you into a rabbit hole of a million other videos that claim to give you fast results. Whilst some of the suggestions for fitness regimes should be taken with a pinch of salt, the most popular ones right now have some evidence of their effectiveness.

An important reminder: everyone should aim to maintain a fitness routine that suits their lifestyle and is in line with their ultimate fitness goals. The TikTok workouts that are circulating right now have something to offer everyone no matter their fitness levels.  

Here are just a few of the most prominent trends that you should be keeping an eye on:

Reformer Pilates 

Pilates has been around for a while, and from what we all initially thought, it was a low-intensity workout that many of our moms gossip about. It turns out that the older generations have been onto something, and reformer pilates is a sweat-dripping workout that aims to build balance, flexibility, and strength all in one. You may have seen the images of the extensive machines that look closer to torture beds, but they are state-of-the-art equipment that is straight forwards to use once taught by an experienced instructor. 

Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands are another workout essential that may not be considered new, but they are taking over FitTok. Resistance bands are specially designed gym accessories that aim to increase the resistance of your workouts, leading to harder working sessions. They can be used for the full body, but for gym girls who are looking for a great glute burn, they are especially effective. So many fitness influencers have their range of resistance bands. Make sure you check out all the variable resistance bands before you splash out your money on the first ones you see!

12-3-30 Treadmill 

The 12-3-30 treadmill workout routine has been deemed a game changer to many of the users who are showcasing their results on Tiktok. The routine essentially puts your treadmill on a level 12 incline, placing the speed at 3 miles per hour, and maintaining this for 30 minutes straight. This LISS (low-intensity steady state) workout is great for people who are looking for a simple routine that will burn calories and build their cardiovascular health. Try this trendy workout for yourself next time you hit the gym. Completing this workout simply on its own is proven to contribute towards weight loss for many people, but ensure that your diet is following a caloric deficit, or else you will not see any changes.

Low Weight, High Reps 

Another LISS workout that is taking over the FitTok pages is low-intensity workouts with high reps. Gone are the days of lifting the heaviest weights possible, instead people are putting most of their energy into lower-weight and high-rep movements. This is a great way to build up your strength by slowly building up resistance with reps as opposed to using larger weights which can result in injury. Next time you are in the gym, start using light dumbbells for your arms workouts with higher reps. Keep pushing till failure, and over time you should see your arms slim down whilst gaining more toning.

Hot Girl Walks 

Hot girl walks might sound superficial, but they are a  fun way to get in your steps for the day whilst maintaining your motivation and endurance. Hot girl walks can be completed in the gym on the treadmills, or you can go for a walk in your local area. All you need is your womens gymwear fit, and a great song to strut your stuff to. Make sure your playlist is upbeat and features some of your best upbeat songs too. Maintain your walking speed and move those hips to target the muscle groups you are putting in the miles!

Partner Workouts 

Finally, the most recent workout trend we have been seeing all over our for you pages is the partner workout trend. This essentially involves you following the workout of your significant other or a friend and seeing if you can match their intensity. Ask your partner or friend who is a regular gym attendee if you can be trained in their workout for a session, and see if you can live up to their standards! It is a really fun way to explore new workouts and also push yourself to new limits. Plus, it is a great bonding experience for you and the person you swap workouts with.

Find Your Fitness

Ultimately, Tiktok will have trends coming and going like the seasons, but testing out the fitness trends that arise is beneficial if you are looking for new ways to up your workout regimes. Your workouts should be maintainable but also adapt to your improved fitness levels as you progress. If you are going to try any of these trends, stick to them for at least a month and see if you experience their benefits.

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