Time Magazine Appointed This Maven As Their First Female Managing Editor

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What a fantastic step forward for women in news and journalism! So check it out ladies, this media maven, Nancy Gibbs has just been appointed as the new Managing Editor for Time Magazine, it was announced on Tuesday, September 17th, 2013.

It is the first time a woman has been ME of this great publication, but the mag weren’t just looking to tick a gender box by choosing Nancy, she is more than qualified to fill this role.

Since 2011 she has been Time’s deputy managing editor, and with the previous ME Richard Stengel accepting a job working for the Obama administration, we are glad to hear it was a no brainer to have her step up to the pole position.

Nancy has written 174 cover stories for Time magazine- more than any other writer in the entire history of Time! Wowsers! She sure is passionate and dedicated to her job.

The 53 year old, who started out as a fact-checker for Time way back in 1985, is also a best-selling author of two books, one called The Presidents Club: Inside The World’s Most Exclusive Fraternity which spent over 30 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

We love to celebrate amazing women who are leaders and innovators in their field, but more than that, who are chosen for their skills, talents and hard work ethic rather than what they look like. It sends a very positive and inspiring message to aspiring young women everywhere who feel it is too hard to battle it out against men in a particular industry.

Just because something is hard, or goes against the grain doesn’t necessarily mean it is wrong or shouldn’t be attempted. Someone has to pave the way for other women.

Nancy Gibbs has covered every major news event for the past 20 years with such precision and authority, she stood out among the rest. She wrote Time’s 9,500-word cover story after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, produced by the magazine’s staff in 28 hours. That issue won a National Magazine Award, the industry’s highest honor.

Former editor Stengel says “For years and years, she has done the toughest stories under the tightest deadlines with the most seriousness,” Stengel told staff. “Those records will never be beaten.”

Go Nancy! Oh fun fact, she also met her husband while working at Time. This job sure has been good to her. She attends Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York and serves as a senior elder. We love a woman who is a great role model and example of someone who has the work-life balance down pat.
Nancy Gibbs Time Magazine


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