It is Time For Victoria’s Secret To Make Larger Sizes? Thousands Of Women Say Yes!


The Victoria’s Secret curse strikes again. There has been growing unrest against the brand for quite some time, heightened in 2014 with the release of their “Perfect Body” campaign featuring models of all one body size.

After much pressure from women who were outraged at the audacity of the brand to claim one particular body size should be seen as the “perfect” ideal, they changed it to “a body for everybody” but the damage had already been done.

While the intense media attention died down a fair bit, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was held at the end of the year as it always is, and it brought on a fresh batch of concerns, criticisms and frustrations about the lingerie brand’s lack of diversity.

There have been numerous campaigns in the past petitioning for the brand to offer larger sizes but they haven’t been as consistent as buyers would like.

The largest panty size Victoria’s Secret offers if XL which is equivalent to a size 16 in the US. The bra sizes are a lot more inconsistent as some styles go up to DDD while others only reach a D.

Two current online petitions are asking the brand to listen to their consumers and offer more of a variety.

Dana Drew from Westminster, CA is campaigning to get plus sizes in stores.


Dana says she loves the brand, watches the fashion shows each year and even has their credit card. But she is limited when it comes to purchasing certain items because of their size limitations.

“My money and my credit are good enough for them, but the fact that I can only buy items like perfume, lotion, and body spray sends the message that my body is not. Every year I watch the Angel fashion show and would love to purchase the items I see on my screen but can’t because Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sell plus sizes,” writes Dana.

“Victoria’s Secret should consider their bottom line when making this decision. There are over 100 million plus size women in the United States and we spent over 17.5 billion dollars on plus size clothing last year. Victoria’s secret already offers larger bra sizes for women with enhanced and naturally bigger breasts; it makes perfect sense to expand their lines so women with larger bodies can also join the club.”

According to Business Insider, VS controls 35% of the lingerie market, far above and beyond any other retailer.

Another petitioner also from the US, Brittany Cordts, is going off the “a body for everybody” campaign slogan and wants Victoria’s Secret to “prove it” by offering more sizes.

“The slogan change is hardly compelling shown in front of only extremely skinny models that represent less than 5% of women in the US. They are sending a message to the world that you have to be a size 0-2 to be beautiful and worthy of wearing lingerie. Victoria’s Secret is promoting self-loathing and it needs to stop,” she writes.


She adds that the label has a “social responsibility to stop encouraging a toxic body image to tens of millions of teens and women” and to incorporate more curvier models into their lineup.

Let’s just point out that having a naturally slender frame is not wrong, nor is that the toxic part these campaigns are talking about. The toxicity comes when a major brand which controls a huge market share and has a massive influence in society is only projecting one body ideal and using slogans like “the perfect body” essentially isolating a huge part of their customer base which may not fall into the size 0 category.

Diversity and representation. They are simple things to implement, and this is what both these women and many other petitioners over the years are asking for.

To the credit of Victoria’s Secret, they have listened to their consumer’s cries in the past on different issues, and have created a line of bras for mastectomy patients. Bravo!

So now it’s time for them to listen to the current issue at hand because in the end it’s only going to mean more money and sales for them. Now doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation? Women of all shapes and sizes are bombshells!



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